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Sane Is The Left-footed Winger Mufc Needs – Dwight Yorke

Leroy SaneManchester United legend, Dwight Yorke has said his old club should sign Leroy Sane if signing Jadon Sancho is impossible this summer.

Yorke recently revealed that Mufc does not have too many left-footed sort of wingers, and Sane can be just that for the club.

According to him, despite the fact that the German has battled several injuries, it would still be a brave move to bring him to Old Trafford because he has the right attitude to thrive.

He added that Sane also has lots of experience in England, so playing in the EPL should not be a problem.

His words, “United has got a real good attacking bunch of young players,”

“Add in Sancho, I like the boy Sane. If I was to airdrop, the boy Sane at City I really do [like].

“We haven’t got a left-footed sort of winger. The boy [Mason] Greenwood is coming to the fore recently but I like Sane.

“I really do think this kid is probably the quickest out of all them as well and he’s really got a good attitude.

“I know he’s got some injuries but if I was brave, if I was Man United manager at this point in time that’s the type of person I would go for.

“He’s had a couple of years in the Premier League, I’ve watched him very closely, he’s a player that I like a lot.

“The boy Sancho is obviously up there as well but if you can’t get him why not be brave and go for a player who’s played across next door and cause some stir, just stir it up a little bit. That’s what I would do.”


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