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Arsenal Ignoring Zaha For Pepe Was Shocking – Murray

Wifried ZahaWilfried Zaha would have been one of the best players in the game if Sir Alex Ferguson stayed at Manchester United, Glen Murray has said.

He recently revealed that Zaha is now ready for another big move because he is currently a proven EPL performer.

According to him, even if Crystal Palace won’t thank him for saying it, the move is necessary for the Englishman to flourish.

He added that he was shocked that Arsenal ignored him and went for Pepe last year.

His words, “Palace fans won’t thank me for saying this, but I do think Zaha needs to go, I think he needs to flourish,”

“Even as far back as when he joined Manchester United… I believe that if Sir Alex [Ferguson] still would have been in charge he would have been one of the best players out there now.

“I was really surprised Arsenal didn’t go for him last year and they decided to go for Pepe.

“It baffled me that they didn’t go for him. I feel Wilf would have been a slightly cheaper option and he’s someone that knows the league very well.

“Staying in London would be good for him as well; he’s a real London boy and I just think he would have been the perfect fit there.”

“Even though he’s only scored four goals, he attracts a lot of players towards him when he’s on the ball,”

“He’ll probably be the first person to say it hasn’t been his best season but, for me, when Wilfried Zaha is on his game he‘s one of the best wingers in the Premier League.

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“He’s got that natural skill no one else can do.

“I think the time has come now, and most Crystal Palace fans will probably say this too, it’s time for Wilf to move on.

“I would say a club like Arsenal or Tottenham, I think he would suit them down to the ground.

“Arsenal is his club and I think he was desperate to move to Arsenal last summer, so if Arsenal came along he’d bite their hand off.

“But Arsenal or Tottenham, I think he’d be brilliant for either of those two clubs.”


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