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Inter Milan Will Try To Keep Sanchez For The Europa League – Marotta

Alexis-SanchezTalks of Inter Milan signing Lionel Messi is just fantasy football, the club’s director, Giuseppe Marotta, has said.

He recently revealed that keeping Sanchez at the club is a more pressing concern for the club.

According to him, Messi is not one of the objectives for Inter because the Argentine is focused on continuing his football career in Barcelona.

He added that the situation surrounding the Chilean is yet to be resolved but Inter will try to keep him for the entire Europa League.

His words on Messi, “It’s fantasy football.

“He certainly is not one of our objectives and I think he’s interested in continuing his football career in Barcelona.”

On Sanchez, “It’s an anomalous issue, considering the Europa League can be changed by the absence of certain players.

“The situation has not been resolved yet, we are working to at least keep hold of him for the entire Europa League.”

He added, “Obviously, second place is important, but our analysis has to be about constant growth and the season is not yet over.

“What we’ve been able to see is that we’ve improved and therefore we want to continue that process. If we analyse our entire journey, we are happy.

“There are a few small regrets seeing what happened to those in front of us, but we have to be happy with what we’ve achieved.

“This is an anomalous campaign after the lockdown, so it becomes difficult to fully evaluate players and teams. We must prepare for the next season, which, as a consequence of this timing, will also not be easy.”