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Money transfer sending money

Top 3 Embezzlement Cases of the Last 3 Years

There is a gross amount of statistics associated with embezzlement. The crime itself pre-dates history. In America, nearly 80% of all reported embezzlement cases...
usa diversity lottery fraud warning

American Visa Lottery Scam Alert: KCC Application (2015657D8SVC5588)

I am sharing this piece to educate the public about raging Visa Lottery scams. I received the following email informing that I have been...
The Dakar Rally Image

The Dakar Rally

The Dakar Rally is one of the most famous motor races in the world. Since its inception in 1978, the rally has attracted participants...
Adtall Media Image

Adtall Advertising Network Helps Advertisers Boost Online Sales and Lets Publishers Monetize Their Websites...

  June 23, 2015: Adtall Advertising Network is one of the emerging and fastest growing Ad Network in the industry that offers optimum satisfaction to...
Guantanamo court room control system

How Technology is Changing How Court Cases are Handled

Technology translates into increased efficiency and productivity, cost reductions, and the effective management and storage of data. Over the last 20 years, many business...
Alternative to Cooking

Alternatives to Cooking for a Large Gathering

Everybody loves a party -- this much is universal for all but the most introverted, stay-at-home individuals. Whether it’s because it’s a good chance...

Mobile Apps that Help You Manage Your Business

When was the last time you remember having a day to sit down in front of your computer and work all day? The majority...
keeping record

Ways Your Record Keeping Techniques are Harming Your Business

Outdated methods and techniques can damage your bottom line by denying you the efficiency necessary to compete. One technique that has been abandoned by...
Sleeping at work Office Inefficiency

Common Sources of Office Inefficiency and How to Prevent Them

Inefficiency in the workplace is one of the biggest reasons that companies lose money. As the old saying goes: time is money, so you...
best poster in the world

Surprising Uses for Signs You Haven’t Considered

Signs are actually a surprisingly versatile marketing tool to use if you have a little bit of an innovative streak in you. While most immediately think...