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Irvin Safe Storage for Excess Oil Inventories

Safe Storage Considerations for Excess Oil Inventories

Oil has been called the lifeblood of the economy for decades and continues to be a vital resource for nations around the world. Oil is used...
Oil rigs North Sea oil Scotland UK

Most Common Reported Injuries in Oil and Gas

Working on oil rigs and gas lines can be among the most dangerous jobs you could ever have -- hardly a surprise when you...
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Things you Will Not Believe People Still Think About Technology

Some people are like small animals or little children, especially when it comes to technology and science. They seem to require constant supervision, hand-holding or...
business and economy news

Learning How to Conduct Business in a Global Market

By now, almost everyone knows the importance of considering what your company or business can do in the global market. More than ever before,...
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Notepad++ dedicates an edition to ‘Je suis Charlie’

  Surprisingly today when I updated my version of Notepad++, I observed a programmed context which surfaced word by word. That is, I saw invisible hands...
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Grand National legend Red Rum

He was the greatest Grand National winner of all time and the horse that captured the hearts of the world. Even if you've never spent...
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Giving Back Is Good Business

At the end of every year, lists of the names of the wealthiest individuals are published in the news. Many of these individuals seem...
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Digital Marketing Gives You a Better Look at Your Business

Search engines are incredibly important for reaching prospects and customers. It is the web-savvy businesses that make sure they get the best search engine...
image of justice

7 Steps When Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you've been accused of a crime, the most important thing is not to panic. There are hundreds if not thousands of lawyers who...
Mario Balotelli

The madness of Mario Balotelli strikes again

This week footballer Mario Balotelli has been getting himself in the headlines for all the wrong reasons once again. The 24-year-old Italian has a chequered...