Training Fellowships in Public Health and Tropical Medicine for Developing Countries, 2014

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The Wellcome Trust is funding training fellowships in Public Health and Tropical Medicine. Researchers who are at an early stage from low- and middle-income countries can apply for this fellowship. The fellowship provides basic salary, research expenses, training costs, an inflation and flexible funding allowance, overseas allowances up to three years. Training may be undertaken at centres of excellence regionally or internationally. Links between low- and middle-income countries are encouraged. Electronically send your application by 6 December 2013.

Study Subject(s): The fellowship is awarded in Public Health and Tropical Medicine in UK.

Course Level: This fellowship is offered for researchers who are at an early stage with opportunities for research experience and high-quality research training at an eligible sponsoring institution in a low- and middle-income country.

Scholarship Provider: Wellcome Trust

Scholarship can be taken at: Low- and middle-income countries (training may be undertaken at centres of excellence regionally or internationally. Links between low- and middle-income countries are encouraged.)

Eligibility: -You must be a national or a legal resident of a low- and middle-income country and should be either: a graduate in a subject relevant to public health or tropical medicine (e.g. biomedical or social science, veterinary medicine, physics, chemistry or mathematics) with a PhD and no more than three years' postdoctoral experience, or a medical graduate with a higher qualification equivalent to membership of the UK Royal Colleges of Physicians (i.e. qualified to enter higher specialist training) and some initial research experience.

-Applicants may also apply if they do not have a PhD, but have a clinical, basic or Master's degree and some initial research experience, with the expectation that they will register for a PhD. Due allowance will be given to those whose career has been affected by a late start or for personal reasons (e.g. time away due to maternity, paternity, adoption leave or other caring responsibilities, or ill-health).

-You must be based primarily in a low- and middle-income country, but training may be undertaken at centers of excellence regionally or internationally. Links between low- and middle-income countries are encouraged.

-You may apply to remain in their current laboratory (even if you already hold an established post), to return to the one where you have previously worked, or to move to a new laboratory, in a low- and middle-income country.

Scholarship Open for Students of Following Countries: Researchers from low- and middle-income countries are eligible for this International fellowship.

Scholarship Description: This scheme provides researchers from low- and middle-income countries – who are at an early stage in the establishment of their research careers – with opportunities for research experience and high-quality research training in public health and tropical medicine. Research should be aimed at understanding and improving public health and diseases of local, national and global relevance. Topics include: demographic, social science and health economic studies epidemiological, field and community based studies health care systems and policy research measurement of infectious and chronic disease burden population studies clinical trials and case control studies of disease mechanisms in the natural host determinants of disease susceptibility and resistance immunity or resistance in natural hosts or vectors. This can include laboratory-based molecular analysis of field or clinical samples, but projects focused solely on studies in vitro or using animal models will not normally be considered under this scheme. This fellowship is part of a series of career awards aimed at building sustainable capacity in areas of research that have the potential for increasing health benefits for people and their livestock in low- and middle-income countries.

Number of award(s): Not Known

Duration of award(s): This fellowship is normally for three years (non-renewable), but may be for up to four years for those who wish to undertake a relevant Master's training or diploma course.

What does it cover? It provides support that includes: a basic salary for the fellow research expenses (e.g. consumables, equipment, collaborative travel, research assistance, technical support, fieldwork and data collection) training costs where appropriate and justified an inflation and flexible funding allowance support to attend scientific meetings. Contributions to costs of the project that are directly incurred by the overseas institution may also be provided. The salary should normally be based on the pay scales of the employing institution and must be justified by the head of the institution. The salary level should be appropriate for the holder of a competitive grant and allow you to focus full-time on research. Overseas allowances will be provided for periods of training and collaborative research spent outside the home institution's country, where appropriate.

Selection Criteria: Not Known

Notification: The full application will be peer reviewed and, if successful, you will then be shortlisted for interview by the Public Health and Tropical Medicine Interview Committee. Candidates shortlisted for interview will normally be notified to four weeks before the interview date. Interviews will be conducted at our offices in London. Travel and accommodation costs will be provided.

How to Apply: The mode of applying is electronically. You are required to complete and submit a preliminary application form [Word 358KB] by the published deadline. The form should be emailed to

Scholarship Application Deadline: Preliminary application deadline: 27 September 2013 Full application deadline: 6 December 2013.

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