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Read this! Attempt to Blackmail The InfoStride - Beware of Admission Scams

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It came as a shocker when one of our Facebook members attack us verbally that we duped him for admission process. I have created this thread to openly discuss the issue and invite the guy to come up and discuss here what happen to him. never deal with anyone financially. We only offer platform for sharing vital information with Nigerians and visitors to our website.

I will indeed appreciate the guy to come up here and discuss his plight so that we can all know what is going on. Please read below our conversation so far:

Adeleye Gbemmy: hello

InfoStrides Koncepts: hi

Adeleye Gbemmy: Gudmorning sir

InfoStrides Koncepts: Gud am

Adeleye Gbemmy: I hope u still recognise me.

InfoStrides Koncepts: I am not so sure... I attend to hundreds request daily...
Adeleye Gbemmy: Ok, i am olugbemi that u help concerning AAUA post u.m.e.

InfoStrides Koncepts: Thanks for calling back. Thousands have been helped... It is our culture to help Nigerians Free of Charge.... Always explore our websites and make your contributions there. Please visit The InfoStride, - connects Nigerian job seekers with employers and

Adeleye Gbemmy: I am very sure God is going to reward u according to ur doing am pretty sure of that.

InfoStrides Koncepts:  Amen! Thanks

Adeleye Gbemmy: U re saying amen when u just collect my money and did't do anything about my result at all,see the money u collect from me am pretty sure it's going to be hindrance to ur blessing in nearest time,u think u can dupe me and go scot free just like i gain admission to polytechnic which i never thought of going....thanks so much.but remember GOD almighty is there watching everyone.bye.......

InfoStrides Koncepts: Hang on! Who collected money from you? At The InfoStride, we never collect money from anyone whatsoever...

InfoStrides Koncepts: Please open a topic on Nigerian Admission Tell us about the transaction and what you paid and how you paid? To whom you paid. The whole world can be aware and share their experience.

I will update you as soon as any is available. Please post here if you have been contact from for any financial discussion about admission processing.

Thank you.

For: Team.

Nice to make it public... Excellent level of transparency. I will watch out for updates about it. This will serve as guide for those that pay for admission processing without verification or post to confirm the authenticity. There are several warnings to some posts by fraudsters that claimed to be admission officers.

Thank you Jobber. We are yet to read from him even though the following message was sent to him yesterday:

--- Quote ---Hello Adeleye Gbemmy, I have just opened a topic on your allegation. Please visit the link and discuss your plight there. Remember, you will surely reap just what you sow. There is nothing to hide. If truly, you are sure of your allegation. Shed more light to it on the thread created. Thank you. Team. Attempt to Blackmail - Beware of Admission Scams
--- End quote ---

Souleymon Sly:
Your chat with him on Fb,i believe should have sorted things,he never replied..then he wanted unnecessary attention,which i think you gave him by creating a thread for him on your site.


--- Quote from: Souleymon Sly on Feb 04, 2012, 12:48 PM ---Your chat with him on Fb,i believe should have sorted things,he never replied..then he wanted unnecessary attention,which i think you gave him by creating a thread for him on your site.

--- End quote ---

You are right! I never heard from him again. I am actually interested in his case so that we and Nigerians can be well informed. Thanks.


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