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Title: Design a Poster for Europe Day 2010
Post by: MyInfoStride on Oct 21, 2009, 07:24 PM

She's one classy old lady, with a colourful past and a challenging future. But what does Europe mean to you today? What exactly is it that you love about Europe and the European Union? And how would you express your feelings? If you're a graphic designer or a graphic design student, we would like you to show Europe some love for the EU's 2010 Europe Day poster. So get creative - can you make the lady blush?


The competition is aimed at young people with an interest in graphic design. You must be an EU resident and born after 1985. You don't have to prove your age and residency when you submit your poster, but you will be asked to do so if you get to the finals.

What to do?

Using any technique you like, you should create a poster for use during Europe Day celebrations. Your work should reflect the theme of the competition - I ♥ Europe - but you don't have to include these or any other words in your work. Feel free to interpret the theme as you wish. Do be aware though that word puns that work in your own language might not necessarily translate well into other languages, so this is perhaps best avoided.

If your poster does include text, it must be in one of the EU's 23 official languages. It would be helpful if you could however provide a translation in English or French, and there's a place for this on the entry form. Your work must conform to the A2 paper standard (420 × 594mm).

Please do not use elements of geographical maps. The winning poster will eventually be printed with the EU logo – a small EU flag and the words 'The European Union' - at the bottom. You don't have to include the logo but you may wish to take it into account when creating your poster.

How to submit?

It's easy. Just send your work electronically (via the competition website) before 2400GMT + 2 (midnight Brussels time) on 30 November 2009. You can use the JPG, GIF format, but if you reach the final 12 stage you will be asked to send your project in PDF and InDesign format so that high-definition prints can be made.

The file must be no larger than 3MB (megabyte). You must provide your name, address, telephone number, date of birth and e-mail address. The contest complies with EU provisions on user privacy.

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