Funniest Picture Shared on FaceBook by Nigerians

Started by MyInfoStride, Oct 13, 2010, 05:49 PM

Olaniyi Isaac Oluwaseun


Dis guy is really stressed, but the picture looks scary, funny tho


For me...that tall guy might sems different in height.....but they will be equal on the bed...haha:)


Wow,those pictures are really funny.The biggy lady,i don't know if that can be real but nothing is impossible in this world of ours.


the guy with one hand is really hardworking.....this inspires me...:)


what the hell, where did you get this from? this is very impossible, they can never make it.


this are just to make you laugh and reduce your daily stress..haha:)

Glory Skales Charity

Omolewa akinyemi benson

Hahahahahahahah see pictures.Goat with hand bag
small boy with beards....hahahahahaha

Jafar Anka

this picture are unbelievable, i have never seen such picture any place infostriides you are so wonderfull  :)

Jafar Anka