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P&G International IDS Challenge


The International IDS Challenge course is designed for students from across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Students will get insight into how information technology is used to produce commercial advantage in a global business environment.

You will work in a challenging and fun learning environment together with other students to solve a company business need. The five days include a series of case studies and lectures that will help you to professionally grow and develop your leadership skills.

Dates: April 11 –16, 2010

Open to Applicants from: Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Please, find the list of specific countries in ‘How to Apply’ section.

Location: Istanbul, Turkey

Application Deadlines: February 5th , 2010

Eligibility: All talented students, especially those in studies such as Science or Business from across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Not all the countries typically participate, please refer to the How to Apply section for the detailed list of participating countries. There is no need for particular formal qualifications or a specific technical background, just a strong interest in business and information technology is required.

It is not necessary to be near graduation, students from 1-3 years before graduation are welcome.

It is an international event; you should feel comfortable speaking English.

Please click here for further application procedures and link.


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