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Colleges and Universities in United States (Part VIII)


The following are colleges and universities in United States with online presence:

3501.   University of Massachusetts System - Amherst (MA)
3502.   University of Massachusetts System - Boston (MA)
3503.   University of Massachusetts System - Dartmouth (MA)
3504.   University of Massachusetts System - Lowell (MA)
3505.   University of Massachusetts System - Medical Center at Worcester (MA)
3506.   University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (NJ)
3507.   University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey - New Jersey Medical School (NJ)
3508.   University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey - Robert Wood Johnson Medical School (NJ)
3509.   University of Memphis (TN)
3510.   University of Miami (FL)
3511.   University of Miami School of Medicine (FL)
3512.   University of Michigan Medical School (MI)
3513.   University of Michigan System - Ann Arbor (MI)
3514.   University of Michigan System - Dearborn (MI)
3515.   University of Michigan System - Flint (MI)
3516.   University of Minnesota - Duluth School of Medicine (MN)
3517.   University of Minnesota Medical School - Twin Cities (MN)
3518.   University of Minnesota System (MN)
3519.   University of Minnesota System - Crookston (MN)
3520.   University of Minnesota System - Duluth (MN)
3521.   University of Minnesota System - Morris (MN)
3522.   University of Minnesota System - Twin Cities (MN)
3523.   University of Mississippi (MS)
3524.   University of Mississippi Medical Center (MS)
3525.   University of Mississippi School of Medicine (MS)
3526.   University of Missouri - Columbia - Center for Distance & Independent Study (Online) (MO)
3527.   University of Missouri - Columbia - Continuing & Distance Education (Online) (MO)
3528.   University of Missouri System (MO)
3529.   University of Missouri System - Columbia (MO)
3530.   University of Missouri System - Kansas City (MO)
3531.   University of Missouri System - Rolla (MO)
3532.   University of Missouri System - St. Louis (MO)
3533.   University of Missouri-Columbia School of Medicine (MO)
3534.   University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Medicine (MO)
3535.   University of Mobile (AL)
3536.   University of Montana System -  Helena College of Technology (MT)
3537.   University of Montana System - Missoula (MT)
3538.   University of Montana System - Montana Tech (MT)
3539.   University of Montana System - Western Montana College (MT)
3540.   University of Montevallo (AL)
3541.   University of Nebraska College of Medicine (NE)
3542.   University of Nebraska System (NE)
3543.   University of Nebraska System - Kearney (NE)
3544.   University of Nebraska System - Lincoln (NE)
3545.   University of Nebraska System - Medical Center (NE)
3546.   University of Nebraska System - Omaha (NE)
3547.   University of Nevada School of Medicine (NV)
3548.   University of Nevada System - Las Vegas (NV)
3549.   University of Nevada System - Reno (NV)
3550.   University of New England (ME)
3551.   University of New Hampshire (NH)
3552.   University of New Hampshire at Manchester (NH)
3553.   University of New Haven (CT)
3554.   University of New Mexico (NM)
3555.   University of New Mexico - Gallup (2 year campus) (NM)
3556.   University of New Mexico - Los Alamos (2 year campus) (NM)
3557.   University of New Mexico - Valencia (2 year campus) (NM)
3558.   University of New Mexico School of Medicine (NM)
3559.   University of North Alabama (AL)
3560.   University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine (NC)
3561.   University of North Carolina System (NC)
3562.   University of North Carolina System - Asheville (NC)
3563.   University of North Carolina System - Chapel Hill (NC)
3564.   University of North Carolina System - Charlotte (NC)
3565.   University of North Carolina System - Greensboro (NC)
3566.   University of North Carolina System - Pembroke (NC)
3567.   University of North Carolina System - Wilmington (NC)
3568.   University of North Dakota (ND)
3569.   University of North Dakota - Lake Region State College (ND)
3570.   University of North Dakota - Williston State College (ND)
3571.   University of North Dakota School of Medicine and Health Sciences (ND)
3572.   University of North Florida (FL)
3573.   University of North Texas (TX)
3574.   University of North Texas Health Science Center (TX)
3575.   University of Northern California (CA)
3576.   University of Northern Colorado (CO)
3577.   University of Northern Iowa (IA)
3578.   University of Northwestern Ohio (OH)
3579.   University of Notre Dame (IN)
3580.   University of Oklahoma (OK)
3581.   University of Oklahoma College of Medicine (OK)
3582.   University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center (OK)
3583.   University of Oregon (OR)
3584.   University of Osteopathic Medicine and Health Sciences (IA)
3585.   University of Pennsylvania (PA)
3586.   University of Pennsylvania Health System (PA)
3587.   University of Phoenix (AZ)
3588.   University of Pittsburgh (PA)
3589.   University of Pittsburgh - Bradford (PA)
3590.   University of Pittsburgh - Greensburg (PA)
3591.   University of Pittsburgh - Johnstown (PA)
3592.   University of Pittsburgh - Titusville (PA)
3593.   University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine (PA)
3594.   University of Portland (OR)
3595.   University of Puerto Rico System (PR)
3596.   University of Puerto Rico System - Aguadilla (PR)
3597.   University of Puerto Rico System - Arecibo (PR)
3598.   University of Puerto Rico System - Bayamón (PR)
3599.   University of Puerto Rico System - Carolina (PR)
3600.   University of Puerto Rico System - Cayey (PR)
3601.   University of Puerto Rico System - Ciencias Médicas (PR)
3602.   University of Puerto Rico System - Humacao (PR)
3603.   University of Puerto Rico System - Mayagüez (PR)
3604.   University of Puerto Rico System - Ponce (PR)
3605.   University of Puerto Rico System - Río Piedras (PR)
3606.   University of Puerto Rico System - Utuado (PR)
3607.   University of Puget Sound (WA)
3608.   University of Redlands (CA)
3609.   University of Rhode Island (RI)
3610.   University of Richmond (VA)
3611.   University of Rio Grande (OH)
3612.   University of Rochester (NY)
3613.   University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry (NY)
3614.   University of Saint Francis (IN)
3615.   University of Saint Thomas (MN)
3616.   University of San Diego (CA)
3617.   University of San Francisco (CA)
3618.   University of Sarasota (FL)
3619.   University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma (OK)
3620.   University of Scranton (PA)
3621.   University of Sioux Falls (SD)
3622.   University of South Alabama (AL)
3623.   University of South Alabama - School of Medicine (AL)
3624.   University of South Carolina (SC)
3625.   University of South Carolina System - Upstate (SC)
3626.   University of South Dakota (SD)
3627.   University of South Dakota School of Medicine (SD)
3628.   University of South Florida (FL)
3629.   University of South Florida College of Medicine (FL)
3630.   University of Southern California (CA)
3631.   University of Southern Colorado (CO)
3632.   University of Southern Indiana (IN)
3633.   University of Southern Mississippi (MS)
3634.   University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences (FL)
3635.   University of St. Francis (IL)
3636.   University of St. Mary of the Lake Mundelein Seminary (IL)
3637.   University of St. Thomas (Houston) (TX)
3638.   University of St. Francis (IL)
3639.   University of Tampa (FL)
3640.   University of Tennessee Health Science Center College of Medicine (TN)
3641.   University of Tennessee System - Chattanooga (TN)
3642.   University of Tennessee System - Knoxville (TN)
3643.   University of Tennessee System - Martin (TN)
3644.   University of Tennessee System - Memphis (TN)
3645.   University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston (TX)
3646.   University of Texas Medical School at Houston (TX)
3647.   University of Texas Medical School at San Antonio (TX)
3648.   University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas Southwestern Medical School (TX)
3649.   University of Texas System (TX)
3650.   University of Texas System - Arlington (TX)
3651.   University of Texas System - Austin (TX)
3652.   University of Texas System - Brownsville (TX)
3653.   University of Texas System - Dallas (TX)
3654.   University of Texas System - El Paso (TX)
3655.   University of Texas System - Health Center-Tyler (TX)
3656.   University of Texas System - Health Science Center-Houston (TX)
3657.   University of Texas System - Health Science Center-San Antonio (TX)
3658.   University of Texas System - M. D. Anderson Cancer Center, The (TX)
3659.   University of Texas System - Medical Branch (TX)
3660.   University of Texas System - Pan American (TX)
3661.   University of Texas System - Permian Basin (TX)
3662.   University of Texas System - San Antonio (TX)
3663.   University of Texas System - Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas (TX)
3664.   University of Texas System - Tyler (TX)
3665.   University of the Arts (PA)
3666.   University of the District of Columbia (DC)
3667.   University of the Incarnate Word (TX)
3668.   University of the Ozarks (AR)
3669.   University of the Pacific (CA)
3670.   University of the Sciences in Philadelphia (PA)
3671.   University of the South (TN)
3672.   University of the Southwest (NM)
3673.   University of the Virgin Islands ( VI )
3674.   University of Toledo (OH)
3675.   University of Tulsa (OK)
3676.   University of Utah (UT)
3677.   University of Utah School of Medicine (UT)
3678.   University of Vermont (VT)
3679.   University of Vermont College of Medicine (VT)
3680.   University of Virginia (VA)
3681.   University of Washington - Bothell (WA)
3682.   University of Washington (WA)
3683.   University of Washington School of Medicine (WA)
3684.   University of West Alabama (AL)
3685.   University of West Florida (FL)
3686.   University of West Los Angeles (Inglewood) (CA)
3687.   University of Wisconsin Colleges (WI)
3688.   University of Wisconsin System (WI)
3689.   University of Wisconsin System - Eau Claire (WI)
3690.   University of Wisconsin System - Green Bay (WI)
3691.   University of Wisconsin System - LaCrosse (WI)
3692.   University of Wisconsin System - Madison (WI)
3693.   University of Wisconsin System - Milwaukee (WI)
3694.   University of Wisconsin System - Oshkosh (WI)
3695.   University of Wisconsin System - Parkside (WI)
3696.   University of Wisconsin System - Platteville (WI)
3697.   University of Wisconsin System - River Falls (WI)
3698.   University of Wisconsin System - Stevens Point (WI)
3699.   University of Wisconsin System - Stout (WI)
3700.   University of Wisconsin System - Superior (WI)
3701.   University of Wisconsin System - Whitewater (WI)
3702.   University of Wyoming (WY)
3703.   University System of Georgia (GA)
3704.   University System of Georgia - Albany State University (GA)
3705.   University System of Georgia - Armstrong Atlantic State University (GA)
3706.   University System of Georgia - Augusta State University (GA)
3707.   University System of Georgia - Clayton College and State University (GA)
3708.   University System of Georgia - Columbus State University (GA)
3709.   University System of Georgia - Fort Valley State University (GA)
3710.   University System of Georgia - Georgia College and State University (GA)
3711.   University System of Georgia - Georgia Institute of Technology (GA)
3712.   University System of Georgia - Georgia Southern University (GA)
3713.   University System of Georgia - Georgia Southwestern State University (GA)
3714.   University System of Georgia - Georgia State University (GA)
3715.   University System of Georgia - Kennesaw State University (GA)
3716.   University System of Georgia - Macon State College (GA)
3717.   University System of Georgia - Medical College of Georgia (GA)
3718.   University System of Georgia - Middle Georgia College (GA)
3719.   University System of Georgia - North Georgia College and State University (GA)
3720.   University System of Georgia - Savannah State University (GA)
3721.   University System of Georgia - Southern Polytechnic State University (GA)
3722.   University System of Georgia - State University of West Georgia (GA)
3723.   University System of Georgia - University of Georgia (GA)
3724.   University System of Georgia - Valdosta State University (GA)
3725.   Unogeo University (IA)
3726.   Upper Iowa University (IA)
3727.   Upsala College (NJ)
3728.   Urbana University (OH)
3729.   Ursinus College (PA)
3730.   Ursuline College (OH)
3731.   Utah State University (UT)
3732.   Utah Valley State College (UT)
3733.   Utica College of Syracuse University (NY)
3734.   Valdosta Technical College (GA)
3735.   Valencia Community College (FL)
3736.   Valley Career College (El Cajon) (CA)
3737.   Valley City State University (ND)
3738.   Valley College of Technology (WV)
3739.   Valley Forge Christian College (PA)
3740.   Valley Forge Military College (PA)
3741.   Valley Grande Institute for Academic Studies (Weslaco) (TX)
3742.   Valley Medical College (OR)
3743.   Valparaiso University (IN)
3744.   Vance-Granville Community College (NC)
3745.   Vanderbilt University (TN)
3746.   VanderCook College of Music (IL)
3747.   Vanguard Institute of Technology (Pharr) (TX)
3748.   Vanguard University (CA)
3749.   Vassar College (NY)
3750.   Vennard College (IA)
3751.   Venord Institute (FL)
3752.   Ventura College (CA)
3753.   Ventura County Community College District (CA)
3754.   Vermont Law School (VT)
3755.   Vermont Technical College (VT)
3756.   Vernon College (TX)
3757.   Victor Valley College (CA)
3758.   Victoria College (TX)
3759.   Villa Julie College (MD)
3760.   Villa Maria College of Buffalo (NY)
3761.   Villanova University (PA)
3762.   Vincennes University (IN)
3763.   Virginia Commonwealth University
3764.   Virginia Community College System (VA)
3765.   Virginia Highlands Community College (VA)
3766.   Virginia Intermont College (VA)
3767.   Virginia International University (VA)
3768.   Virginia Military Institute (VA)
3769.   Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (VA)
3770.   Virginia Sewing Machines & School Center (Los Angeles) (CA)
3771.   Virginia State University (VA)
3772.   Virginia Union University (VA)
3773.   Virginia Wesleyan College (VA)
3774.   Virginia Western Community College (VA)
3775.   Vista Community College (Berkeley) (CA)
3776.   Viterbo University (WI)
3777.   VMT Education Center (DC)
3778.   Volunteer State Community College (TN)
3779.   Voorhees College (SC)
3780.   Wabash College (IN)
3781.   Wabash Valley College (IL)
3782.   Wade College (Dallas) (TX)
3783.   Wagner College (NY)
3784.   Wake Forest University (NC)
3785.   Wake Forest University School of Medicine (NC)
3786.   Wake Technical Community College (NC)
3787.   Walden University (MN)
3788.   Waldorf College (IA)
3789.   Walla Walla College (WA)
3790.   Walla Walla Community College (WA)
3791.   Wallace State Community College (Hanceville, AL)
3792.   Wallace State Community College - Dothan (AL)
3793.   Wallace State Community College - Eufaula (AL)
3794.   Wallace State Community College - Hanceville (AL)
3795.   Wallace State Community College - Selma (AL)
3796.   Walsh College (MI)
3797.   Walsh University (OH)
3798.   Walters State Community College (TN)
3799.   Warner Pacific College (OR)
3800.   Warner Southern College (FL)
3801.   Warren County Community College (NJ)
3802.   Warren Wilson College (NC)
3803.   Wartburg College (IA)
3804.   Wartburg Theological Seminary (IA)
3805.   Washburn University (KS)
3806.   Washington and Jefferson College (PA)
3807.   Washington and Lee University (VA)
3808.   Washington Bible College/Capital Bible Seminary (MD)
3809.   Washington College (MD)
3810.   Washington County Community College (ME)
3811.   Washington County Technical College (ME)
3812.   Washington Online Learning Institute ( Online )
3813.   Washington State Community College (OH)
3814.   Washington State University at Pullman (WA)
3815.   Washington Theological Union (DC)
3816.   Washington University, Saint Louis (MO)
3817.   Washington-Holmes Technical Center (FL)
3818.   Washtenaw Community College (MI)
3819.   Waubonsee Community College (IL)
3820.   Waukesha County Technical College (WI)
3821.   Waycross College (GA)
3822.   Wayland Baptist University (TX)
3823.   Wayne College (OH)
3824.   Wayne Community College (NC)
3825.   Wayne County Community College (MI)
3826.   Wayne State College (NE)
3827.   Wayne State University (MI)
3828.   Wayne State University School of Medicine (MI)
3829.   Waynesburg College (PA)
3830.   Weatherford College (TX)
3831.   Webb Institute (NY)
3832.   Webber International University (FL)
3833.   Weber State University (UT)
3834.   Webster University (MO)
3835.   Webster University North Florida (FL)
3836.   Wellesley College (MA)
3837.   Wells College (NY)
3838.   Wenatchee Valley College (WA)
3839.   Wentworth Institute of Technology (MA)
3840.   Wesley Biblical Seminary (MS)
3841.   Wesley College (DE)
3842.   Wesley College (MS)
3843.   Wesley Theological Seminary (DC)
3844.   Wesleyan College (GA)
3845.   Wesleyan University (CT)
3846.   West Central Technical College (GA)
3847.   West Chester University of Pennsylvania (PA)
3848.   West Coast College (CA)
3849.   West Coast University (CA)
3850.   West Georgia Technical College (GA)
3851.   West Hills Community College (CA)
3852.   West Hills Community College District (Coalinga) (CA)
3853.   West Kentucky Community and Technical College (KY)
3854.   West Liberty State College (WV)
3855.   West Los Angeles College (Culver City) (CA)
3856.   West Shore Community College (MI)
3857.   West Texas A & M University (TX)
3858.   West Valley College (CA)
3859.   West Valley-Mission College District (CA)
3860.   West Virginia Business College (WV)
3861.   West Virginia Junior College (WV)
3862.   West Virginia Northern Community College (WV)
3863.   West Virginia State University (WV)
3864.   West Virginia University (WV)
3865.   West Virginia University at Parkersburg (WV)
3866.   West Virginia University Institute of Technology (WV)
3867.   West Virginia University School of Medicine (WV)
3868.   West Virginia Wesleyan College (WV)
3869.   Westark Community College (AR)
3870.   Westchester Community College (NY)
3871.   Western Baptist College (OR)
3872.   Western Business College (OR)
3873.   Western Business College (TX)
3874.   Western Business College (WA)
3875.   Western Career College (Sacramento) (CA)
3876.   Western Carolina University (NC)
3877.   Western Connecticut State University (CT)
3878.   Western Culinary Institute (OR)
3879.   Western Dakota Technical Institute (SD)
3880.   Western Governors University (CO)
3881.   Western Governors University (UT)
3882.   Western Illinois University (IL)
3883.   Western Institute of Science & Health (Rohnert Park) (CA)
3884.   Western International University (AZ)
3885.   Western Iowa Tech Community College (IA)
3886.   Western Kentucky University (KY)
3887.   Western Michigan University (MI)
3888.   Western Nebraska Community College (NE)
3889.   Western Nevada Community College (NV)
3890.   Western New England College (MA)
3891.   Western New Mexico University (NM)
3892.   Western Oklahoma State College (OK)
3893.   Western Oregon University (OR)
3894.   Western Piedmont Community College (NC)
3895.   Western Seminary (OR)
3896.   Western State College (CO)
3897.   Western State University College of Law (Fullerton) (CA)
3898.   Western States Chiropractic College (OR)
3899.   Western Technical Institute (Main and Branch Campus) (TX)
3900.   Western Texas College (TX)
3901.   Western University of Health Sciences (CA)
3902.   Western Washington University (WA)
3903.   Western Wisconsin Technical College (WI)
3904.   Western Wyoming College (WY)
3905.   Westfield State College (MA)
3906.   Westlawn Institute of Marine Technology (CT)
3907.   Westminster College (MO)
3908.   Westminster College (PA)
3909.   Westminster College of Salt Lake City (UT)
3910.   Westminster Theological Seminary (PA)
3911.   Westminster Theological Seminary in California (CA)
3912.   Westmont College (CA)
3913.   Westmoreland County Community College (PA)
3914.   Weston Jesuit School of Theology (MA)
3915.   Westwood College (Inglewood, Los Angeles) (CA)
3916.   Westwood College Online (CO)
3917.   Wharton County Junior College (Wharton) (TX)
3918.   Whatcom Community College (WA)
3919.   Wheaton College (MA)
3920.   Wheaton College of Illinois (IL)
3921.   Wheeling Jesuit University (WV)
3922.   Wheelock College (MA)
3923.   Whitman College (WA)
3924.   Whittier College (CA)
3925.   Whitworth College (WA)
3926.   Wichita Area Technical College (KS)
3927.   Wichita State University (KS)
3928.   Widener University (PA)
3929.   Wilberforce University (OH)
3930.   Wiley College (TX)
3931.   Wilkes Community College (NC)
3932.   Wilkes University (PA)
3933.   Willamette University (OR)
3934.   William Carey College (MS)
3935.   William Howard Taft University (CA)
3936.   William Jessup University (San Jose) (CA)
3937.   William Jewell College (MO)
3938.   William Mitchell College of Law (MN)
3939.   William Paterson University (NJ)
3940.   William Penn College (IA)
3941.   William Rainey Harper College (IL)
3942.   William T. McFatter Technical Center (FL)
3943.   William Tyndale College (MI)
3944.   William Woods University (MO)
3945.   Williams Baptist College (AR)
3946.   Williams College (MA)
3947.   Wilmington College (OH)
3948.   Wilmington College of Delaware (DE)
3949.   Wilson College (PA)
3950.   Wilson Technical Community College (NC)
3951.   Wingate University (NC)
3952.   Winona State University (MN)
3953.   Winston-Salem State University (NC)
3954.   Winthrop University (SC)
3955.   Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College (WI)
3956.   Wisconsin Lutheran College (WI)
3957.   Wisconsin School of Professional Psychology (WI)
3958.   Wisconsin Technical College System (WI)
3959.   Wittenberg University (OH)
3960.   Wofford College (SC)
3961.   Wood College (MS)
3962.   Wood Tobe Coburn School (NY)
3963.   Woodbury College (VT)
3964.   Woodbury University (CA)
3965.   Wor-Wic Community College (MD)
3966.   Worcester Polytechnic Institute (MA)
3967.   Worcester State College (MA)
3968.   Worchester Technical Institute (MA)
3969.   World Mission University (Los Angeles) (CA)
3970.   Worthington Community College (MN)
3971.   Wright State University (OH)
3972.   Wright State University School of Medicine (OH)
3973.   Wyndham College (MN)
3974.   Wyoming Community College Commission (WY)
3975.   WyoTech ( CA,WY,PA,MA )
3976.   Xavier University (OH)
3977.   Xavier University of Louisiana (LA)
3978.   Yakima Valley Community College (WA)
3979.   Yale University (CT)
3980.   Yavapai College (AZ)
3981.   Yeshiva University (NY)
3982.   York College (NE)
3983.   York College of Pennsylvania (PA)
3984.   York County Community College (ME)
3985.   York County Technical College (ME)
3986.   York Technical College (SC)
3987.   York Technical Institute (PA)
3988.   Yosemite Community College District (CA)
3989.   Young Harris College (GA)
3990.   Youngstown State University (OH)
3991.   Youth Co-op Training Institute (FL)
3992.   Yuba Community College District - Woodland Community College (CA)
3993.   Yuba Community College District - Yuba College (CA)
3994.   Zion Bible Institute (RI)

Please post any other university if known.


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