Healtcare Job Opening in Singapore for SSCE, BSC, HND HOLDERS

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Work and Live Singapore Programme is for those that see themselves as a professional or as a Skilled labor, who believe in themselves and there career to work abroad with a very reasonable salary starting from 3000 Singapolian Dollar to 5000 Dollars, after conversion using the current exchange rate it was #625,000 / Month, unskilled labour salary start from 1,500 - 3000 Singapolian Dollars

Job placement availability will depend on your profession such as Admin Jobs, IT Jobs, Engineering Jobs, Healcare Jobs, Voluntary Jobs for NGO and all other Skilled Labour works such as Carpentry, Electricians, Plumbing, Catering, Hotel Management and so on.

Tax is very low in Singapore and living expensive is quite low compared to Nigeria, click below to view current living expenses structure in Singapore

Cost of Living in Singapore. Prices in Singapore.

What we Offer
We help you process your employment offer directly from an employment agency or an employer in Singapore in less than 8 weeks with 100% guaranteed place of employment for you, while applying with us, we advice you choose from 3 different fields you have atleast an experience 1 Skilled labour Job should be inclusive.

Payment  and Procedure
We do not ask for a dine nor collect an initial deposit before we process an employment offer as we don't guarantee a place for everybody base on various level of experience but it Cost #150,000 to process an employment offer which must be paid immediately an employer send a final employee acceptance letter including an offer of employment. employee as 100% right to confirm or communicate directly with employer once all documents as been received

How to Apply
Step 1: Carefully re-package your Curriculum vitae if its not up to date with your recent qualification or employment experience, we can also help you prepare an eye catchy professional CV alongside with an introductory letter which cost #2,500

Step 2: Attach with your CV  an introductory letter,, date of Birth or Declaration of age, and photocopies of all your qualifications including your SSCE

Step 3: Send us a scanned copy of all this documents if you are not in Lagos to info@guageconcepts.com  or send a physical copy by courier to our Office in Lagos or you can bring it in person to our office in Lagos

Step 4: You will be given an ID Number  attach to your file which will serve as reference to follow up throughout your application duration, we will get back to you as we commence and also with updates from employers weekly.

One Time Registration Fee: #5000
Enquiries E-mail: info@guageconcepts.com, ipadeola4kay@gmail.com
Telephone: 08085370604
Note: Do not send any document or CV to the mail above its only for enquiry or to schedule an appointments