Some of These New Generational Pastors Don’t Have Spiritual Fathers - Arch. Ojo

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Archbishop Joseph Ojo is the General Overseer of Calvary Kingdom Church (CKC) international. He served under the late Archbishop Benson Idahosa of Church of God Mission (COGM) International. He is a marriage counselor and Bible expositor. He is the President of Able Ministers Association, President of Calvary Institute of Leadership and Theological Studies (CILATS). He is also a dedicated member of the National Advisory Council of Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN). He has travelled far and wide in given out undiluted word of God to the world. In this interview with Godday Odidi, he elucidated on some of the security challenges plaguing the country and why some of the new generational pastors have turned the house of God into business in recent times.

Can we meet you sir?

I am Archbishop Joseph Ojo and was born on April 18, 1949.  I am the General Overseer of the Calvary Kingdom Church (CKC) international. I served under my late spiritual father Archbishop Benson Idahosa of Church of God Mission International. I am also the President of Able Ministers Association, President of the Calvary Institute of Leadership and Theological Studies (CILATS) and dedicated member of the National Advisory Council of Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN). I'm blessed with four children and lovely wife.

Briefly tell us your educational background.

I had my B.A in Biblical studies from Lagos Bible College, Tampa Florida and also studied Theology at ICI of Brussels, Belgium, A certificate in Public Administration from University of Benin and a Master's degree from West Africa Theological Seminary (WATS). I also studied at the famous Christ for the Nations Institute too.

How did you start the ministry work?

This is quite interesting question. I gave my life to Christ in 1972, thereafter; I was appointed as the Mission's Usher in 1972 as a result of total dedication to the service of God and ordained as a deacon on the 6th of November 1976. In 1979, I was called into full time pastoral ministry. In November 6th,1993, I was consecrated a Bishop and I worked with the church of God Mission for 30 years before the lord led me to pioneer Calvary Kingdom Church International on June 2nd, 2002. This year 2013, I was consecrated as Archbishop and also marked my 64th birthday.

How can you describe the state of Nigeria security system especially in the North?

Well, the recent state of emergence declared by President Goodluck Jonathan in some troubled Northern states was long overdue. We expected it before the 2011 general elections. This is a country where a former Military Head of State declared that Nigeria state of leadership would be uncontrollable after President Goodluck Jonathan was sworn-in as a President in 2011. This statement has created political harms in the country and others. Even the American prediction that Nigeria would break in 2015 is an eyesore to security unrest in Nigeria. President Jonathan has taken a rightful decision or step to bring security unrest in order. Even PFN has done a lot to provide relief materials to our Northern Christians through the former PFN President, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor and Bishop Mike Okonkwo. We have lost many Christians in the North since the Boko Haram Imbroglio started. The government must provide security for Nigerians.

Can you tell us the impact of Churches in Nigeria?

The Church has done a lot of works in terms of preaching the good news of the lord and creating employment opportunities for young graduates in the country and praying constantly to avert war. Although some of these new generational pastors do not have spiritual fathers that mentored or tutored them before they started their own ministries. We have contributed largely to the developmental growth of the country. Some pastors believe that ministry is an easy work because of the high rate of unemployment in Nigeria; most pastors felt that their educational backgrounds qualify them to be pastors or own a church. If government can provide enough jobs, you would not see mediocre pastors in Nigeria anymore. Ministers of God like us served our spiritual fathers very well before we got real confirmation from God to set our own ministries unlike some pastors that came into the fold to do business rather than God's work. Every genuine ministers of God must have ministerial trainings. We still have faithful pastors but few.

What is your advice for young pastors coming into the fold of ministerial calling?

Young pastors should have spiritual fathers. Any pastor without a spiritual father is an orphan in the ministry.


So many fake pastors all over the world now even The Bible said this will happen so no surprises.

Nifemi Donald

So many things will happen when the end of the world is near. No surprises at all

Glory Skales Charity

Everywhere in Nigeria it's all about the Fake Pastors now.
God will save us from them

Glory Skales Charity

Very correct. This is an eye opener for Nigerians. You also need God in your life so he can show u the true and fake pastors.

Shola Sholaz

I won't even like to go into this matter so i won't misyarn. lets leave it at this

Shola Sholaz