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Title: Brand Manager, Lucozade Sport - Lagos Job at GlaxoSmithKline Nigeria
Post by: Jobrib on Feb 27, 2014, 09:31 AM
Job Title: Brand Manager, Lucozade Sport

Reference: 240214-5

Location: Ilupeju – Lagos, Nigeria

Reporting To (Job Title): Senior Brand Manager

Type of position: Permanent

Employer: GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)

Job Purpose/Scope: This job exists to undertake the day-to-day and medium term strategic marketing of the Lucozade Sport brand in order to achieve growth-, profit- and marketing objectives, within a three year planning horizon.

Key Responsibilities:

1. Develops short and medium term marketing plans by:

•   Utilising processes and formats as formulated in the Marketing Way.

•   Liaising with aligned agencies and internal customers such as Sales and Category Teams to elicit constructive input.

•   Thoroughly evaluating the current brand situation and developing proposals to counter potential threats and capitalise on potential opportunities.

•   Drawing up a formal brand plan for approval by Marketing Director and General Manager.

•   In order that the overall company and strategic brand objectives are met.

2. Manages the marketing mix by:

•   Initiating and co-ordinating the processes of advertising development, promotions, packaging development and other marketing activities laid out in the brand plan, within the framework of the Marketing Way Programme.

•   In order that agreed brand objectives are achieved.

3. Exercises control over the marketing process by:

•   Initiating and controlling a detailed monthly expenditure budget drawn up to meet agreed fiscal plans.

•   Monitoring and controlling current and future performance criteria such as sales units, sales value, marketing expenditure and profit from sales.

•   Developing an accurate monthly forecast for each SKU within the parameters of the GSK processes.

•   In order to ensure achievement of sales and market share objectives.

4. Progress new product development by:

•   Collaborating with Category Teams, external and internal customers in order to identify potential new product opportunities.

•   Presenting for approval a formal evaluation of the new product opportunity.

•   Managing and co-ordinating cross-functional activities required to launch product.

•   In order to meet category objectives and market needs.

5. Liaises with Sales Management by:

•   Monitoring sales performance and collaborating with Sales Management in developing plans that will ensure brand performance in line with agreed budgets.

•   Discussing future promotional and other marketing activities and opportunities.

•   Providing adequate marketing support and information to achieve maximum listings for new products.

•   In order to achieve agreed sales and market share objectives.

6. Liaises with aligned advertising and promotional agencies by:

•   Providing detailed written briefs & reverts for all activities undertaken.

•   Co-ordinating the day-to-day activities required to effectively execute agreed advertising or promotional activity.

•   In order to achieve maximum exposure for the brands in question.

Qualifications, Experience:

•   A good first degree as well as 3-5 years FMCG Brand Manager experience.

•   Sound strategic marketing skills required as well as good general business and financial acumen.

•   Strong inter-personal and communication skills. Strong inter-personal and communication skills.


•   Understanding of general business and marketing conditions within Nigeria to successfully co-ordinate and facilitate strategies within these constraints.

•   Insight into and understanding of consumer attitudes, behaviour and motivations.

•   Knowledge and understanding of the global GSK marketing processes as defined by the Marketing Way.

•   Technical knowledge of the advertising, media and marketing research disciplines.

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