Top-up / Recharge Your Mobile Phone for Posting Comments

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Do you know we can top-up your mobile phone for you for just posting comments or replying to our existing posts?

Yes, it's real! We have done that before and now re-opening the programme for the benefit of our members and visitors alike.

Your task is simple! You only need to register or login if already a member and start posting your views/opinions about our existing topics. Each comment or reply earn you two (2) Naira which can accumulate to the minimum threshold of 100 Naira for mobile top-up.

Once you reach the minimum threshold, you can use your money to buy mobile top-up or voucher through the following INSTRUCTIONS:
1.   Visit the SHOP page via the MENU or click here
2.   Click on "BUY STUFF" in the left Sidebar
3.   Click on "BUY NOW" under the Price/Stock of your choice voucher value
4.   Click on "YOUR INVENTORY" in the left Sidebar to use the credit
5.   Click on "USE ITEM" under the Paid/Use
6.   Then, Enter the information requested and click on "USE ITEM"

You can review the previous announcement here:

If you need further information, please post it here. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Some members are just posting Smiley only. Please note that this is not allowed. If you want to post Smiley(s), add some attractive phrase(s) or sentence(s) with them.

MTN is not currently supported!

We are putting this programme on hold! Update will be posted ASAP!!

this programme has been re-opened. You can continue to your top-up for posting!


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