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Title: CrunchWeek: Ballmer's Classy Exit, Our Picks From YC's Demo Day, And The Gold iPhone
Post by: TechCrunch on Aug 26, 2013, 11:31 AM
 Are you feeling like you’re ready to kick off the weekend, but could just use three more opinions on the biggest tech news stories of the week before you really get the party started? Well you came to the right place, because it’s time for a new episode of CrunchWeek, ( the show where three of us writers plop ourselves down in the TechCrunch TV studio for some real talk about the most interesting stories from the past week.

This week, Colleen Taylor, ( Billy Gallagher ( and I mused over Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer’s big retirement news (, our top picks from Y Combinator’s demo day from the Summer class ( and the rumors during the upcoming iPhone, including a gold-colored device, ( the 5C ( and more.

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