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Pure Sudoku (Downloads: 121)

Author Author: alfsbob View alfsbob's  other files on Dec 12, 2011, 10:32 PM
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Pure Sudoku is the free, visually and intellectually stimulating Sudoku puzzle game for your WindowsXP PC. It features easy to use controls, an attractive style and four difficulty settings for players of all skill levels.

The program is very easy to navigate, allowing users to start playing in a matter of moments. Pure Sudoku offers a variety of functions, including the ability to save games, get hints, and check one's work, are available only with the purchase of the deluxe version.

Users can determine whether or not the game shows duplicate numbers and can turn the sound and random background images on and off. Users can inelegantly make notes by clicking on a number from the left side of the screen, and then right-clicking to place it in a game square.

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