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FlightGear Simultor Software (Downloads: 384)

Author Author: alfsbob View alfsbob's  other files on Apr 18, 2012, 07:33 PM
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Flightgear is an excellent 3D flight simulator written in open code so users around the world can help to improve it.

Some of Flightgear's features are:
  • Multiplatform
  • Encoded in open code based on OpenGL
  • An extensive database with real scenes from different parts of the world
  • Simulation of almost 20,000 real airports
  • Precise topographic features of the land, based on SRTM. The scenes may include lakes, rivers, roads, railroads, cities, towns and more
  • Different climatological conditions
  • Wide range of airships models with the possibility of personalising them
  • Simulation of flight instruments with great realism
  • Requires hardware with 3D acceleration
With Flightgear you can experience the sensation of flying different airships from small ultralight aircraft to giant powerful passenger planes.

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