2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil - Animation

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The next FIFA World Cup will be hosted by Brazil. This has been posted on the official FIFA website, fifa.com.

The winning design was “Inspiration”, created by Brazilian agency Africa. The design stems from an iconic photograph of three victorious hands together raising the world’s most famous trophy. As well as depicting the humanitarian notion of hands interlinking, the portrayal of the hands is also symbolic of the yellow and green of Brazil warmly welcoming the world to their country.

For more information on the bid presentation for the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ - Animation of Tuesday, 30th October 2007 in Home of FIFA Zurich, Switzerland, please click the link below:

2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ - Animation

The next Cup for Brazil it’s sure and it will happen in their own land.

Obinwannem Chidolue:
That was inspiring and well thought but it takes an educated fellow to read the meanings out of it.but it's captivating and creative.

Olaniyi Isaac Oluwaseun:
Good one but might go to spain this time.

Chris michael:
Nigeria should get ready.


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