Funny Gist: Why do Nigeria Men like BIG WOMEN? Nigerians Speak (VIDEO)

Started by emezico, Mar 17, 2014, 08:00 AM


Nigerian Comedy Gist: it is often assumed that African men like their women 'large' - not like those skinny Western models on magazine covers - so BattaBox heads out onto the streets of Lagos to ask men if - and why! - their African women "big"...!

"African women are so endowed - both the front and the back!" explains Odunayo, our BattaBox presenter. "So we'll just be asking why they like big women - I hope we'll get honest answers!"

"I like slim women because I can easily twist them... but the big ones are troublesome because they will twist you!" says one guy who tries to toast our Odunayo (can you imagine!)

Of course, there are plenty of other factors in determining your girlfriend, but as any honest man will admit, appearance is the first thing we see...

"I like the big ones!" says one guy, who says he is married. "I love something that can occupy the space!"

"I don't like fat people - because of the smell and odour," says one guy to the shock of BattaBox. This is real life Nigerian Comedy o!

There are a variety of names and terms given to slim or big African women... for example, Orobo is 'big' and Lepa is 'slim'. But our answers include plenty of other phrases like 'robust'!

But what is interesting, is that despite the general assumption that most African men like their women large - seems to be false with a great variety of opinions and tastes.

"I like the slim ones - but not too slim!"

"I'm short now - and short people, we like big things! See that short guy with that big African woman!" says one guy with a big smile. "We like flesh."