Comedians From Around The World Bid Jon Stewart A Sad Farewell

Started by HuffingtonPost, Aug 07, 2015, 07:31 PM


The world woke up to a new era on Friday after U.S. news satire show The Daily Show aired its final episode with acclaimed host Jon Stewart at the helm.

Stewart's departure from the beloved nightly TV show prompted an outpouring of grief from devoted fans in the U.S., including the hashtag #JonVoyage. The mourning was shared around the world, as Stewart's genre-defining brand of acerbic wit and outrage at political hypocrisy found followers and emulators from Mexico to Iraq.

Egypt's Bassem Youssef, who was inspired by Stewart to set up popular Egyptian satire show Al-Bernameg, echoed the sentiments of fans around the world. Youssef, who hosted Stewart on El-Bernameg and appeared several times on The Daily Show, ended his own show last year citing the dangerous political climate in Egypt.

Source: HuffingtonPost