James Ibori, individual punishment or collective justice?

Started by Jobbers, Feb 29, 2012, 01:19 PM


This is an article written by a Nigerian who is concerned about current state of individualism and favoritism in the rule of law. Read his statements below and post your comment. Thanks.

James Ibori, The former Governor of Delta State is being prosecuted and we are all celebrating the punishment of the sinner as we all know he his. Many people on news papers and social media write all sort of things to quantify this achievement of persecuting this thieve. But I can't but ask, should we be celebrating the punishment of one or the collective justice to all? Is Ibori being punished because he stole from our people or because he offended someone? Ibori was a governor since 1999 to 2007. He wasn't the only governor, we had 36 state governors. Is Ibori the only governor that stole from Nigeria? Of course not! The 36 state governors stole our money simultaneously, but only one is being punished.

Did Ibori stole more money than Bukola Saraki?

Did he steal more than Fashola, Idris, Oyinlola, Donald Duke, Orji Kalu, and others?

Did he steal more money than Obasanjo and the ministers?

You would remember the case of OBJ's theft and the former US vice president Chiney. Is this an individual punishment or collective justice? Ibori did not steal more money than other state thieves and federal looters. Some would say it would be one after the other, but we all know it is one who offended the master. We should not celebrate the punishment of one man but the collective justice to all.

Until we learn to do this, Nigeria shall remain a tool.

Abdul AOH
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