NUC Suspends Operating Licenses of 7 Private Universities in Nigeria

Started by MSC, Jul 06, 2012, 06:01 PM


The National Universities Commission (NUC) has suspended the operational licenses of seven private universities for allegedly not meeting up to its set targets on school facilities and academic programmes as established by the commission.

The suspended universities are Lead City University, Caritas University, Joseph Ayo Babalola University (JABU), Tansian University, Madonna University, Achievers University, and Obong University.

Mallam Ibrahim Yakassai, The Director of Press and Public Relations of NUC confirmed this in a press interview and said in a telephone conversation on Wednesday night that the suspension of the licenses of the affected schools was imperative in order to continually work on the current standard of Nigerian Universities.

A top NUC official who had pleaded anonymity had affirmed that the decision of the NUC became unavoidably important considering that most of the private Universities have failed to lived up to the guidelines stipulated by the NUC in the running of Universities in Nigeria.

In his own words; "The operators of the universities affected know their offences because so many times, we have informed them about their failings but they did not take necessary steps to address their shortcomings. Anyway, It's just a suspension and it will be lifted as soon as they do the correct things," he concluded.

Meanwhile managements of the affected universities are working tiredlessly to correct their shortcomings.


That serves them well. Despite the huge amount of money they are collecting.
But i think Leeds City Univ. is now out of d suspension as at yesterday.

Tina lawrence

Now NUC has resolved with them.That's a good one.They all have to comply

Tina lawrence