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Title: Things Happening In Different Countries...
Post by: emezico on Oct 27, 2012, 08:10 PM
Only in USA, a rich man can publicly challenge the President to provide the Nation his Birthday Certificate and Educational Qualifications.

Only in Iran, a secret nuclear bomb is being built to wipe out Israel from the surface of the Earth.

Only in South Africa, a President publicly celebrates his promiscuity.

Only in Nigeria, graduates from Higher Institutions of Learning Mostly never practice what they studied.

Only in Finland, a politician can publicly call Africans Niggers on National media and goes Scott free claiming he has freedom of speech.

Only in India their best Doctors are seen working in another country.

Only in Italy an ex president gets his sentence for tax evasion reduced all because of immunity.

Only in Russia a President finishes his tenure, elected as Prime Minister then comes back again as President.