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Colleges and Universities in Russian Federation (Part III)


The following are colleges and universities in Russian Federation with online presence:

101.   Ryazan State Pedagogical University
102.   Sakhalin State University
103.   Samara State Academy of Architecture and Civil Engineering
104.   Samara State Aerospace University
105.   Samara State Technical University
106.   Samara State University
107.   Samara State University of Teacher Training
108.   Saratov State University
109.   Saratov State University of Medicine
110.   Siberian State Industrial University
111.   Siberian State Medical University
112.   Siberian State Transport University
113.   Siberian State University of Telecommunications and Informatics
114.   Smolensk Humanitarian University
115.   Smolny University
116.   Southern Ural State University
117.   St. Petersburg State Electrotechnical University
118.   St. Petersburg State Marine Technical University
119.   St. Petersburg State Medical University
120.   St. Petersburg State Mining Institute (Technical University)
121.   St. Petersburg State Technical University
122.   St. Petersburg State University
123.   St. Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation
124.   St. Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance
125.   St. Petersburg State University of Technology and Design
126.   St. Petersburg State University of Telecommunication
127.   Surgut State University
128.   Syktyvkar State University
129.   Taganrog State University of Radioengineering
130.   Tambov State Technical University
131.   Tomsk Polytechnical University
132.   Tomsk State University
133.   Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radioelectronics
134.   Transbaikalia State Pedagogical University
135.   Tula State University
136.   Tver State University
137.   Tyumen State University
138.   Udmurt State University
139.   Ufa State Aviation Technical University
140.   Ufa State Petroleum Technological University
141.   Ulyanovsk State Technical University
142.   Ulyanovsk State University
143.   Ural Gorkij State University
144.   Ural State Technical University
145.   Ural State University of Economics
146.   Vladimir State Technical University
147.   Vladivostock State University of Economics
148.   Volgograd State Pedagogical University
149.   Volgograd State Technical University
150.   Vologda State Pedagogical University
151.   Voronezh State Agricultural University
152.   Voronezh State Medical Academy
153.   Voronezh State Pedagogical University
154.   Voronezh State Technical University
155.   Voronezh State University
156.   Vyatka State Pedagogical University
157.   Yakutsk State University
158.   Yaroslavl International University of Business and New Technologies
159.   Yaroslavl State Pedagogical University
160.   Yaroslavl State Technical University
161.   Yaroslavl State University

Please post any other university if known.


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