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Colleges and Universities in Taiwan (Part III)


The following are colleges and universities in Taiwan with online presence:

101.   National Pingtung University of Science and Technology
102.   National Sun Yat-Sen University
103.   National Taichung Institute of Commerce
104.   National Taichung Institute of Technology
105.   National Taichung Nursing College
106.   National Taichung Teachers College
107.   National Tainan Institute of Nursing
108.   National Tainan Teachers College
109.   National Taipei College of Business
110.   National Taipei College of Nursing
111.   National Taipei Teachers College
112.   National Taipei University
113.   National Taipei University of Technology
114.   National Taitung Teachers College
115.   National Taitung University
116.   National Taiwan College of Arts
117.   National Taiwan College of Physical Education
118.   National Taiwan College of the Arts
119.   National Taiwan Institute of Technology
120.   National Taiwan Junior College of Performing Arts
121.   National Taiwan Normal University
122.   National Taiwan Ocean University
123.   National Taiwan University
124.   National Taiwan University of Arts
125.   National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
126.   National Tsinghua University
127.   National United University
128.   National University of Kaohsiung
129.   National University of Tainan
130.   National Yang Ming University
131.   National Yunlin University of Science and Technology
132.   Open University of Kaohsiung
133.   Oriental Institute of Technology
134.   Providence University
135.   Shih Chien University
136.   Shih Hsin University
137.   Shu-Te University
138.   Shu-Zen College of Medicine and Management
139.   Soochow University
140.   Southern Taiwan University of Technology
141.   St. John's and St. Mary's Institute of Technology
142.   Ta-Hwa Institute of Technology
143.   Taichung Healthcare and Management College
144.   Tainan National University of the Arts
145.   Tainan Woman's College of Arts and Technology
146.   Taipei Medical University
147.   Taipei Municipal Teachers College
148.   Taipei Physical Education College
149.   Taiwan Hospitality and Tourism College
150.   Tajen Institute of Technology
151.   Takming College
152.   Tamkang University
153.   Tatung Institute of Technology
154.   Tatung University
155.   The Overseas Chinese Institute of Technology
156.   Toko College of Technology and Management
157.   Transworld Institute of Technology
158.   Tung Nan Institute of Technology
159.   Tung-Fang Institute of Technology
160.   Tunghai University
161.   Tzu Chi College of Technology
162.   Tzu Chi University
163.   Tzu Hui Institute of Technology
164.   Vanung University
165.   Wenzao Ursuline College of Languages
166.   WuFeng Institute of Technology
167.   Yu Da College of Business
168.   Yuan-Ze University
169.   Yuanpei Technology College
170.   Yuh-Ing Jr. College of Healthcare and Management
171.   Yung Ta Institute of Technology and Commerce[/url


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