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Jobs in Italy: Local Scientific Coordinator wanted for ISABEL 2011


Local Scientific Coordinator (LSC) is wanted for ISABEL 2011. The LSC will be responsible for the definition and the coordination of the Technical Programme (i.e., conference theme, tracks and topics; call for papers; committees, invited organizers and speakers; dissemination sources; review process; programme structure, etc.).

The LSC position was created to remove the burden of the overall practical organization and the risk therein involved from the so-called (Local) Organizing Committee. ISABEL has embraced a new vest by restructuring and renewing its internal organization, and by proposing its own model for organizing international conferences.

The Local Scientific Coordinator will elect its committee and will be titled General Chair of ISABEL 2011. The Local Scientific Coordinator’s Institution will receive a percentage from the eventual profit, which will be negotiated on the base of the number of regular submissions received, the number of organizers (e.g., special sessions organizers) and speakers invited, and the number of patrons and sponsors successfully involved.

Note that ISABEL will provide project management support based on a consensual work/time plan and an internal initial training concerning ISABEL policies, guidelines and templates.

Read more and find all the required documentation for your candidature here: 2011 CANDIDATES PROPOSAL TEMPLATE.doc

Interested candidates are required to send all their material (i.e., forms, attachments and any additional information) electronically to by September 15, 2010.

The Board of Directors along with the International Scientific Committee will then gather and vision the information sent by all candidates and, on the base of strategic as well as scientific considerations, will decide who to elect Local Scientific Coordinator of ISABEL 2011.

The notifications will take place by September 30, 2010.

ISABEL has enormously evolved in 2010 and has emerged as one of the fastest-growing and leading emerging interdisciplinary conferences worldwide.

This job vacancy is still open but don't wait for the deadline before you apply. Send in your application before the deadline. Goodluck!


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