Author Topic: Funny Gist: Would You Do "Plastic Surgery"? Nigerians Speak (VIDEO)  (Read 873 times)


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Nigeria Gist: everyone wants to look good - and are willing to spend plenty, plenty money on makeup, hair products and much more to stay looking young and beautiful. But something new is now being used by Nigerians in the search for the elixir of youth - plastic surgery.

"Not only my breasts, a nip-tuck, my tummy and even face lift - I would get it!" says one woman pointing at the different parts of her body.

BattaBox heads out on to the streets of Lagos to ask women if they would consider getting a boob job (or artificial breast enlargement!) and asked the men if they could marry someone who had the operation.

Not everyone says they want such a thing:

"In my wildest imagination I would not - a lady in her right sense should not being thinking of such!" says one woman, obviously angry at even the consideration.

"I would not marry anyone who had plastic surgery - I love natural people," says one man. "I like it big, but I prefer it natural."

But many people say they would be happy to change their bodies, if they had the money for the breast implant operation.

"It will make me look beautiful," says one girl.

"Yes, I can marry someone with a breast implant - a big something I like!" laughs one man.

Breast implants are used to augment or reconstruct a woman's breasts either as a surgical repair or revision with saline or silicone.

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Source: BattaBoxNigeria

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