Tips for Writing Your Application for Undergraduate, Master’s or Doctoral Funding / Scholarships

Started by sparrow, Feb 13, 2011, 07:49 PM


An application for undergraduate, master's or doctoral funding/grant/scholarship should be complete, clear, concise, coherent and error-free.

It should also demonstrate:
▬ a strong academic record;
▬ excellent potential to conduct advanced scholarly research;
▬ strong communication skills; and
▬ the ability to successfully complete the graduate program in a timely manner.

A good letter of appraisal:
▬ supports the information in the application;
▬ is enthusiastic;
▬ focuses on your skills and past achievements;
▬ stresses strengths and personal attributes; and
▬ demonstrates why you are of superior calibre and worthy of a prestigious national

Important reminders:
▬ Read the program description and application instructions carefully.
▬ Start your application early.
▬ Use plain, accessible language.
▬ Show your application to someone to receive feedback.
▬ Let referees know the deadline well in advance.
▬ Indicate your proficiency in any language required for your research.
▬ Ensure your list of publications provides complete bibliographic information.
▬ Only include research contributions that have been accepted for publication.
▬ Respect page limits.
▬ Ensure that your application is complete and error-free.

Get help at your institution from:
▬ your supervisor;
▬ your peers;
▬ past SSHRC fellowship recipients;
▬ the department head; and
▬ the faculty of graduate studies.

Source: Tips for Writing Your Application Master's or Doctoral Funding.