General Advisory Note for Scholarship Seekers and Applicants

Started by MyInfoStride, Feb 20, 2011, 11:20 PM


These are very important and brief advice for all scholarship seekers and applicants:

•   You should never have to pay to search or apply for any of the scholarships.
•   Beware of third party services advertising "high success rates" for scholarship applications. These intermediates can neither guarantee nor improve your chances of winning a scholarship because they have no influence over the decisions of the awarding bodies or institutions.
•   Beware of any services advertising scholarships for which little effort is required on your part, legitimate scholarship applications will almost always involve a substantial amount of your time in preparing an application.
•   Beware of any unsolicited offers of scholarships for which you did not apply.
•   You should never give cash, cheques, credit card or your bank account details to third parties in pursuant of any scholarships.
•   You should never give your bank account details to a scholarship provider prior to the award of a scholarship. In cases where scholarship funds awarded are to be paid by bank transfer you must take all reasonable precautions to ensure that that you are dealing directly with the scholarship provider and not a third party.

If you are in any doubt, please share your scholarship information and proceeding with us for our candid opinions.

Beware and be warned! Together, let us get rid of scholarship scams in our society... Or What do you think?



This is a very  informative details. I think students starting to choose a college they make a research about the scholarship availability of that colleges. Because scholarship is the important sources for the students to meet their future first make a research and after that apply as much as you can early then you will get more possibility. And also try to write clearly in the application form and also make sure to check all the fields are properly written, better one after written give this for checking to your friends or teacher..