Career Opportunities via Internet (Watch Out!)

Started by MyInfoStride, Aug 30, 2009, 10:09 PM


The strategic growth in the realm of information technology has led to the systematic improvement and sustainable development of online applications. Hence, most of the present day transactions are virtually and practically online in the developed countries. This global rapture has indeed had a drastic influence in the developing countries.

However, the content of this piece is developed to enact the fresh graduates and the experienced professionals the opportunities of applying for jobs online and the chances of retrieving viable information for personal and research purpose. The world is fast becoming soft basically performing every activity on internet. This is faster, economical, secured and above all efficient.

The concepts, "Career Opportunities via Internet" reflects on all sectors of Nigerian Economy. Namely, Banking, Information & Communication Technology [ICT], Conglomerates, Engineering & Manufacturing, Medicals & Paramedical, Agriculture, Oil, Gases, Petroleum & Chemical, Transports & Couriers, Government Agencies & Parastatals, NGOs, Professional Bodies & Organization, Insurance, Mortgage & Other Financial Institutions, and above all Recruiting Agencies both in Nigeria and abroad. The compilation was carefully researched and presented.

Please watch for the masterpiece on The InfoStride as we will be posting several companies' websites treating various sectors as highlighted above.

Knowledge is power and information is life. He, who ceases to be informed, faces the wrath of deformation.

Thank you.


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