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The InfoStride offers exciting and affordable options of advert rates to interested advertisers. Your banner will be displayed on our website rotated with other banners currently on display. Below are some of the rate options to pick from.
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• Special sizes and choice of placement are subject to negotiations.
• You can choose any of our available locations among Homepage, Forum, Board Index, Message Index, Post Pages, and Inside Post.
• If you want your add to be featured on all pages, contact us for exceptional quote.
• All prices are quoted in Nigerian Naira (NGN).

Special Requirements:

• For special advert requirement, Contact Us for a discussion and an exceptional quote.
• For impression-based advertisement, please click here.

Mode of Payment:

Payment can be made with Bank Transfer and PayPal. Contact us for our bank account details or PayPal based on your choice.

Conditions for Advertisement:

1. All adverts must be delivered in electronic version via e-mail in the ordered pixel dimension (file size) unless otherwise stated. In consideration of our readers on slower connections, we ask that file sizes be kept below 30KB.
2. Please note that all banner adverts must be in .gif, .jpeg or flash format.
3. In order to keep fast page load times as well as improve security, we will host all banners off of our servers.
4. Our advertising policy is so flexible that we can accommodate any request from an advertiser so long as it is legal and conforms to our editorial policy.
5. Rates are subject to change but adverts currently running are protected from increase until the duration of the placement expires. An advert run starts the day the advert is published in The InfoStride website and runs for the period paid for.
6. Payment must accompany all advertisement. Payment either in cash, cheques or money transfer must be payable to the above banker information.
7. The InfoStride, its officers or business partners shall in no way be liable for any cost or damage if for any reason it fails to publish the advert in our website as a result of natural cause, internet interruption, slowdown, fires or any other condition beyond the control of The InfoStride.
8. The InfoStride reserves the right to accept, reject and/or cancel any advert at its sole discretion. Adverts are accepted on the condition that the advertiser agrees to indemnify The InfoStride, its officers and its business partners against any expense or loss by reason of any claims arising from the online publishing adverts.
9. Conversion rates are based on the prevailing exchange rate for all local adverts.
10. The InfoStride is not responsible for the content of sites linked from

Thank you for your interest in supporting The InfoStride! If you have any questions or you are ready to get started, just get in touch with us.

For further enquiries, payments, advert placements, and exceptional quotes, please email us at: enquiry[A] or admin[A] You can also fill our online contact form to make your request.

Last updated: 18 September, 2010.

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Are the prices negotiable? I wanted to ask for alternative payment method but have found that PayPal is acceptable for impression-based adverts.


Quote from: maickyamume on Jan 14, 2011, 04:37 PM
Are the prices negotiable? I wanted to ask for alternative payment method but have found that PayPal is acceptable for impression-based adverts.

Send us an email about your ad specification and lets discuss. Thanks.


Omolewa akinyemi benson

Big companies should advertise here.Almost everyone in Nigeria is here.


I am sure they have ears.any reasonable business person will not hesitate to do this

jenny commer

Thanks for providing this  services.i will contact you in future when i need this.
my firm is software development so we have lots of software products,application have to advertise.

jenny commer