Author Topic: After TSMC affair Apple might return to Samsung in 2015  (Read 239 times)


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Apple and Samsung are having very public fights in courts around the globe, but the two companies were working quite well together with Samsung supplying components for Apple's gadgets. Inevitably, the legal spats lead to talk that Apple will be moving on to TSMC for its next chip orders.

Cupertino did indeed cut down the reliance on Samsung, the orders for 20nm Apple A8 chipsets was given to TSMC. This is next year's chipset as TSMC is still working on test 20nm chips, it remains to be seen just what Apple will use for this year's iDevices (presumably TSMC, but on a bigger process).

However, it seems that it's not over between Samsung and Apple - The Korea Economic Daily is reporting that the South Korean giant will be making the next chipsets, the Apple A9, that will power the iPhone 7 (or is it 6S?) in 2015.

Samsung's advanced 14nm process, which is ahead of what TSMC will have to offer in 2015, is named as the reason behind Apple's reconciliation with the Koreans.

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