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SA commends Madagascar polls


Johannesburg - Madagascar was commended by South Africa's department of international relations on Monday for having a peaceful election last week.

“This clearly demonstrated their resolve to craft their own destiny in the quest to find a lasting solution to the many challenges the country faced for the past four years,” it said in a  statement.

South Africa participated in the Southern African Development Community Election Observer Mission (SEOM) and deployed observers to the elections on Friday.

“As a country, we congratulate the government of transition, the  CENIT  1/8the transitional national electoral commission 3/8, the stakeholders and all the people of Madagascar for the peaceful elections in line with the SADC principles and guidelines governing  democratic elections,” it said.

“We reiterate the call made by the SEOM, for political maturity and calm after the results are fully released.”

The election was the first since president Marc Ravalomanana was  ousted by Andry Rajoelina four years ago.



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