Daily Online News from Nigeria - Lists of Nigerian Newspapers' Websites

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The lists below show Nigerian newspapers and magazines for information on local issues, politics, events, celebrations, people, business and general news from Nigeria.

Get vital information about Nigeria and Nigerians both home and abroad. Resourceful information about Nigerian accommodation, shopping, bargains, weather, holidays, vacations, resorts, real estate and property together with finance, stock market and investments reports; also look for theater, movies, culture, entertainment, activities and events all covered in Nigerian newspapers.

National Dailies
•   Arewa Online      
•   BiafraNigeriaWorld   
•   BusinessDay   
•   Business World Nigeria   
•   Champion NewsPaper Nigeria Online Edition   
•   Daily Independent   
•   Daily Sun    
•   Daily Trust Online   
•   Daily Triumph      
•   Financial Standard   
•   Leadership Nigeria   
•   National Daily      
•   National Mirror      
•   New Age Online   
•   NewsDay      
•   Niger-Delta Standard   
•   Nigerian Compass   
•   Nigeria Observer   
•   NigeriaWorld      
•   Nigerian Tribune   
•   People's Daily      
•   PM News Nigeria    
•   The Guardian    
•   The Nation   
•   The Nigerian Observer   
•   The Punch   
•   The Times of Nigeria   
•   ThisDay Online   
•   Vanguard   

Weekly Newspapers 

•   Business Hallmark   
•   Century NewsFront Online   
•   Desert Herald Weekly   
•   NewsPage Weekly   
•   News Star   
•   Nigeria Communication Week   
•   Weekly Insight   

Sports Newspaper
•   Complete Sports   
•   KickOff Nigeria   

Regional Newspaper

•   Al Mizan   
•   Gateway Mirror   
•   National Network   
•   National Point      
•   Nigeria News      
•   Osun Defender   
•   The Pioneer      
•   The Humanity      
•   Servant Leader News   

Local Newspapers

•   Nigerian Horizon International   
•   Nigerian NewsDay (Nasarawa State Weekly Newspaper)   
•   The Beam      
•   The Dawn   
•   The Mark   
•   The Pioneer    
•   The Port Harcourt Telegraph   
•   The Sensor Newspaper   


•   Nigerian News World      
•   NewsWatch   
•   Ovation International   
•   Technology Times Nigeria   
•   TELL       
•   The Integrity Magazine Online   
•   TheNews   
•   The Source   


•   234NEXT   
•   Elendu Reports
•   Huhu Online
•   Nigerians Abroad Live   
•   Nigeria Today      
•   Point Blank News
•   Sahara Reporters   
•   The InfoStride
•   The Sub-Sahara Informer   



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