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19 Free Web Services That Keep Saving You Money


You can find lots of freebies on the Web, but this information provide useful services at no cost that you would otherwise have to pay for every time.

1.   Instant messaging tools or video streaming sites like Hulu.
2.   Make Free Long-Distance Calls with Talkster.
3.   Send and Receive Faxes, No Fees Involved with Qipit and FaxZero. Also  eFax Free handles everything, digitizing faxes and routing them to your e-mail account.
4.   Videoconference for Free with TokBox.
5.   Make Free Conference Calls: Rondee provides free conference calls for up to 50 people, and it offers several great extras.
6.   Use a No-Cost Directory-Assistance Service with  Google's GOOG-411(800/466-4411) and Microsoft.
7.   Automatically Transcribe Voice Notes for Free with reQall.
8.   Turn Scanned Docs Into Text, at No Cost with OCR Terminal.
9.   Read Free E-Classics with Project Gutenberg.
10.   Beat the Text-Messaging Swindle with  txtDrop or Krypton.
11.   Store Large Files Online for Free with
12.   Download Free MP3s on Amazon, Rhapsody, Elbows, RCRD LBL, and Stereogum.
13.   The Internet Archive hosts thousands of live music performances, recorded by and for fans.

Try the follwing links as well:

No-ad free fax online to the US and Canada with DepositDox:
Free fax to email with a free toll free fax number with GotFreeFax: 


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