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how to add plz help me........ :o :o :o


--- Quote from: Bindasboy on Oct 14, 2010, 10:38 PM ---how to add plz help me........ :o :o :o

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Install the mod and follow the instructions with the mod if you're using SMF if otherwise, let us know.

Don Zeigler:
I used this mod for a few weeks and then removed it because it seemed to really drag the forum down... you could see it referencing as the pages loaded. I'm still experiencing this problem although the mod has been removed. The forum also seems to be referencing something at as well.


--- Quote from: Don Zeigler on Dec 18, 2010, 01:28 PM ---It significantly slowed down the loading speed. Yes, registered with You're not understanding me here. I have removed the mod via the package manager. *Something* is still "phoning home" back to this website on EVERY page load.

--- End quote ---

We use similar mod here and it has not affected the loading speed. What do you mean by "*Something* is still phoning home back to this website on EVERY page load"? Can you share your website address here?

Maybe you should have mentioned somewhere that the mod phones home data to your server, which is absolutely not necessary. You are aggravating data without actively telling users of your mod that you do so.

What puts insults next to injury is that your server is awfully slow and can cause page load times of around 10 seconds, which explains the previous user's problem.

For anyone not wanting to use this mod: Simply install the Global / Headers Footers mod, get your Tynt js code and put it in the footer.


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