Funniest Picture Shared on FaceBook by Nigerians

Started by MyInfoStride, Oct 13, 2010, 05:49 PM


This is thread is mainly for sharing funny pictures posted on your Facebook wall. This is a game of photoShow & PhotoSharing... Lets see whose photo will be the best... As you share your photo, share your comment about your photo and others...

Here is the one I picked up today on one of my friend pages... I tagged it "Goaty Woman"

Your comments please!


You need to check out this great boy!

QuoteYour age is not determined by your facial look...what counts is your ability to use wisdom principles.


Good we Nigerians are very good in that aspect bot to sit down and study No,bit any crazy fun     things going on in town,Nigerians are more concern about fashion and not the progress of the country,are you aware of the percentage of importation of champayn into the country we are 80% on social life.

The Hunter

That surely looks like a Nigerian women and looks funny too.


Really these are the best funniest picture ever i had not watch them and i like these all and thanks you have share them in this forum i am very exited to watch them .


Is this really road to hell?

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It's sure is funny and I never seen a donkey dressed like this.


Hey! You need to check this picture. How can they cope?



Here is another pick from Facebook! Can this be real?