How to Autopost RSS Feed Updates to Social Networks via Hootsuite

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This is a simple steps required to autopost updates from to your social networks like Facebook and Twitter through Hootsuite:

1. Go to
2. Register then login
3. look at the left side for "Settings"
4. On mouse over, it pop up some info
5. Move to social networks and click on it
6. Click on "Add Social Network"
7. Click on Facebook, connect it, and submit
8. Return to step 4
9. Click Facebook Page, connect it and submit (This is applicable if you have Facebook page)
10. Click on "RSS/Atom"
11. Click on "Add New Feed"
12. Enter Feed URL ===;type=rss
13. Select profiles to send feed items to: (On mouse over, configured Facebook profiles will show)
14. select the 2 profiles one after the other
15. Select "hour" under Check this feed for new posts every
16. Select "5 posts at a time" under When new posts are found, send up to
17. Save Feed.

You are good to go now. Watch for updates on your Facebook wall.

- You can only add maximum of 2 RSS feeds to a free Hootsuite account
- You can update maximum of 5 social networks in a free Hootsuite account

If you need further assistance, please message me.

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RSS feed URLS: Free RSS Feed Subscriptions - Free Website Contents | The InfoStride


You may wish to update your social networking accounts like Facebook, Twitter, GoogleBuzz etc with different choices of posts. We have structured our website contents into categories with separate feeds that you can use as shown below:

•   MAIN FEED:;type=rss

•   JOBS, CAREERS and VACANCIES:;c=6;action=.xml


•   NEWS and EVENTS:;c=3;action=.xml

•   TECHNOLOGY and INNOVATION:;c=1;action=.xml

•   GENERAL DISCUSSIONS:;c=4;action=.xml

RSS feeds for boards in each category will be posted later.


This is also a useful link from one of our partners. You can get updates about interesting and amazing videos people are watching globally.


Direct URL:



If you will like to update your social networks with latest job vacancies in Nigeria, follow the procedures in the first post and use the link below as your RSS feed URL:


Direct URL:

If you need further help, please post below.

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