How to recover all lost files from your Android?

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Here are the steps of how to recover your lost Android files with this Android data recovery tool.

First, install and run the Android data recovery on your computer.

Step1. Connect Android to computer

Directly connect your Android phone to the computer with a USB cable, without needing to take the SD card out of the phone. When it appears as a hard disk on your computer, the program will detect it as follow.

Step2. Scan lost data

After connecting the Android phone to the program, click on the "Start" to find out all lost data from the SD card on your Android.

Step3. Preview and check

All recoverable data are categorized as different file types, such as archive, audio, graphic, video, etc. You can preview the photos in original quality, and check the other files one by one.

Step4. Recover

Check the single file or the whole file type that you want back, and click on the "Recover" to save on your computer.

Android Data Recovery: Recover all lost photos & videos from your Android


Your deleted data might be on the Android phone internal memory or sd card. It is mostly straight forward to recover lost data if you had data on the sd card. This would be same as restoring from laptop hard drive. One of the things you need to do remember when you try to recover lost data is you should not create or copy new data on to Android device, this might overwrite your lost data. Also, you need to recover data to separate drive or location if possible.
Then the best way to recover all lost files from Android is to use some Android data recovery programs.


First of all: STOP using your Android Phone SD card.
I like to use recovery tool to recover files: Android Data Recovery.
1 install the software,
2 connect your galaxy to your pc (or put the SD card in the card reader),
3 when connecting your phone make your pc use your phone as 'external storage device',
4 run the software, choose the scan location (SD card / phone),
5 filter the results and find your jpeg and mpeg files.
6 Recover deleted files from Android SD card to your pc.
good luck!!


Steps to Restore Deleted Files on Android Phone and Tablet

Note: Don't write any new date to your Android phone before recovering lost files. Or the new data could overwrite the deleted files and make them unrecoverable.

Step 1: Get Jihosoft Android File Recovery.

Go to Jihosoft officiate, click on the "Free Trial" to get a free trial version of this Android File Recovery software. Then install it on the computer.

Step 2: Connect Android Device to Computer

Connect your Android phone or tablet to computer via USB cable and turn on USB debugging mode.

Step 3: Analyze Android Device and Start Scan

Run this software, it will automatically detect and analyze data on your Android device. Simply click the "Start" button to scan for deleted files on Android.

Step 4: Recover Deleted Files from Android

When scanning completes, you will see a list of recoverable files. Preview and choose the files you want to get back. Finally, click "Recover" to retrieve deleted files from Android phone.

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This was found when searching for a way to recover deleted photos and pictures from android. This also works for iOS such as iPad and iPhone.

Hope it helps lots of users.


Well, you can still recover from android phone on computer before the deleted data overwritten by new data, an android data recovery could recover lost data from android phone without any backup file.


When deleted your precious data by accident on android phone .You can still get data back until they are overwritten.With the help of Samsung Data Recovery, you can recover lost files from android phone .