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Started by nReporter, May 29, 2014, 05:00 PM


I am recommending you a new advertising platform that provides quality traffic with targeting options and yet affordable. is an online advertising and marketing platform for websites and businesses. Boost your website traffic and sales with our unique online marketing solution. If quality traffic is your goal? Give us a trial now!

Special Features:
•   Real-Time Bidding: Enjoy our Audience Traffic with advanced filters that guarantee 100% unique clicks starting with $0.002.
•   Traffic Parameters: We offer easy, affordable and effective traffic parameters (ToS, PV, Video starts) and traffic sources, which allows you to fully customize your campaign obtaining higher revenue and more engaged visitors.
•   Targeting & Stats: It is possible to target regions, cities and browsers for all campaigns. Our dashboards provide detailed statistics on your spendings filtered by different parameters.
•   Fraud Detection: We've got you covered with our advanced click-fraud detecting technology that ensure quality and premium traffic
•   Day Parting: You can easily set the hours of the days you want your campaigns to run. It lets you target your high- and low-peak periods.
•   Goals & Optimization: This feature lets you set your goals and optimise your campaign by applying Network estimates and linking Google Analytics property.

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Minimum deposit is 25 USD with PayPal.

Thank you.

Best regards, Team.