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100 Largest Companies in Finland

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Here is a list of the 100 biggest Finnish companies. In case you are wondering how to get a job from Finland, these leading companies might provide an answer!

The company's business field or industry is indicated in brackets. Good luck!

1. Nokia (Electronics)
2. Stora Enso (Forest)
3. Neste Oil (Oil Trade)
4. UPM-Kymmene (Forest)
5. Kesko (Wholesale trade/ Daily goods)
6. SOK (Wholesale trade/ Daily goods)
7. Metsäliitto (Forest) (only in Finnish and Swedish) products)
8. Outokumpu (Mining, metals, metal products)
9. Metso (Mining, metals, metal products)
10.Nordea Pankki Suomi (Finance and investment)
11.Sampo (Finance and investment)
12.Tamro* (Wholesale trade)
13.Osuuspankkikeskus (banking and financial)
14.Varma (Insurance)
15.Fortum (Energy)
16.Ilmarinen (Insurance)
17.Kone (Mining, metals, metal products)
18.Elcoteq Network (Electronics)
19.Rautaruukki (Mining, metals, metal)
20.Wärtsilä (Mining, metals, metal products)
21.YIT Group (Construction)
22.CargoTec (Cargo and shipping)
23.Sanoma-WSOY (Media)
24.Kemira (Chemicals and plastics)
25.RTF Auto (Car sales/trade)
26.Luvata (Industrial/metal)
27.Huhtamäki (Consumer packaging)
28.Sampo Pankki (Finance and investment)
29.Finnair (Transport and forwarding)
30.Lemminkäinen (Construction)
31.HK Ruokatalo (Food)
32.ABB (Electronics)
33.Onvest* (Wholesale trade)
34.Tietoenator (Information Technology)
35.Telia-Sonera (Telecom services)
36.Ahlstrom (Multisector)
37.KCI Konecranes (Mining, metals, metal products)
38.Teboil* (Oil trade)
39.Valio (Food, drinks)
40.Itella(Postal delivery)
41.Amer* (Multisector, link leads to Amer Sports)
42.Eläke-Tapiola (Insurance)
43.Elisa Communications (Telecom services)
44.Wihuri (Multisector)
45.Nordea Henkivakuutus (Insurance)
46.Myllykoski (Forest)
47.GNT Finland (Wholesale trade)
48.Stockmann (Retail trade)
49.Veikkaus* (Consumer services) (Only in Finnish and Swedish)
50.Tradeka (Retail trade)
51.Oriola-KD (Wholesale trade/ Daily goods)
52.VR Group* (Transport and forwarding)
53.HOK (Retail trde) (Only in Finnish)
54.Yara (Chemicals and plastics)
55.Veho (Car retail) (Only in Finnish)
56.Atria (Food)
57.Aker Finnyards (Shipping line)
58.Uponor (Chemicals and plastics)
59.Eläke-Fennia (telecommunications)
60.Fazer* (Food)
61.Skanska* (Construction)
62.Borealis Polymers (Chemicals and Plastics)
63.Alko (Retail trade)
64.Kuusakoski* (Mining, metals, metal products)
65.Nokian Renkaat (Chemicals and plastics)
66.Outotec (Industrial/metal)
67.Consolis* (Construction materials)
68.Panasonic (electronics)
69.Sanitec Corporation (Construction materials)
70.Etera (Insurance)
71.Dynea* (Chemicals and plastics)
72.Norilsk Nickel Harjavalta (Industrial/metal)
73.Eltel Networks (Network Services)
74.Toyota Motor (Car retail)
75.Gasum (Energy)
76.Tuko Logistics (Wholesale trade)
77.Shell (Oil trade)
78.Vahinko-Tapiola (Insurance)
79.NCC Finland (Construction)
80.Pohjolan Voima* (Energy)
81.Starkki (Wholesale trade / Daily goods)
82.Poyry (Engineering and Consulting)
83.Nissan Nordic Europe (Car sales / trade)
84.Rettig* (Multisector)
85.Finnlines* (Transport and forwarding)
86.Orion (Chemicals and plastics)
87.Vapo (Multisector)
88.Fiskars (Industrial/metal)
89.St 1 (Oil trade)
90.Sandvik Mining and Construction (Industrial/metal)
91.Schenker East (Transport and forwarding)
92.Componenta (Industrial/metal)
93.Ramirent (Engineering and Consulting)
94.Raha-Automaattiyhdistys (Consumer services)
95.Delta Motor Group (Car sales/trade)
96.Canon North-East (Wholesale trade/ Daily goods)
97.Hämeenmaa Ok (Wholesale trade/ Daily goods)
98.Andritz (Industrial/metal)
99.SRV Yhtiöt (Construction)
100.Lassila & Tikanoja (Engineering and Consulting)

Other mentionable Companies

Fennia (Communications)
Fujitsu (Information technology)
Compaq Computer (Finland) or Compaq Computer (Information technology)
WM-Data (Finland) (Information technology)
Tech Data Finland (Finland) or Tech Data Finland (International ) (Wholesale trade)
Accenture (Business services)

Hello All,

Please find attached the list of 100 largest companies in Finland link to their various websites:

In case you're wondering how to get a job from Finland, these leading companies might provide an answer!

The company's business field or industry is indicated in brackets. The links point either at the career pages (in English) of the company or the main page of the English (some cases Finnish) site.
Good luck!

Helpful and resourceful information for job seekers. Explore it now for your benefit!

These are additional 50 companies under the 250+ Comprehensive Lists of Companies in Finland:

51.   Edita Group:
52.   EG&G Wallac:
53.   Elcoteq:
54.   Elecster Oyj: Elecster
55.   Ellax Sport:
56.   Ensto:
57.   Ensto Audel Oy:
58.   Epsira Oy: Epsira OY
59.   EuroAcoustics - Loudspeakers:
60.   Exel Oyj: Exel Composites > English > Home
61.   Fathammer Finland:
62.   Fibox: Fibox - Enclosures and Enclosing Solutions
63.   Fimet Oy: Fimet Oy
64.   Fingrid:
65.   Finland Color Plywood Corporation: FCPCUSA - Distributors Koskisen & Parklex presurfaced commercial grade wood products
66.   Finland Experience Travel & Guiding (FETG): Finland Experience Travel and Guiding
67.   Finland Post Ltd: Posti for Consumers - Front Page
68.   Finland Travel Bureau Ltd.:
69.   Finlayson Oy:
70.   Finnair: Edulliset lennot, hotellit, autot ja kaupunkilomat - Finnair
71.   Finnlines: Home -  Finnlines
72.   Finnpipe:
73.   Finnyards:
74.   Finola: Home
75.   Fiskars: Fiskars Global Site
76.   FlyerOne Oy:
77.   Fortum Group:
78.   Frantic Media:
79.   F-Secure: Antivirus Software, Anti-Spyware and Internet Security F-Secure
80.   Future121:
81.   G-cluster:
82.   Genelec: Active Speakers and Speaker Systems from Genelec since 1978
83.   Global Submarines Oy Ltd.:
84.   Grip Studios Interactive Oy:
85.   GuestLink International:
86.   GWS Group:
87.   Hackman:
88.   Halton: Tervetuloa Haltonin sivuille - Indoor Air
89.   Handwise Oy.:
90.   Hantro:
91.   Hantverkarlyan Kb:
92.   Hartman Group:    Hartman Rauta
93.   Hartwall:
94.   Hedengren:
95. Finland Travel Facts Photos Links Books Videos
96.   Helvar:
97.   Hollming: Hollming Oy
98.   Honkarakenne: Honka : Today's Homes. Naturally.
99.   Huhtamäki:
100.   Huurre: Huurre Group  - Etusivu

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These are additional 50 companies under the 250+ Comprehensive Lists of Companies in Finland

101.   Hybrid:
102.   ICL Finland:
103.   Inspex: Inspex
104.   Interacta Design Oy: Interacta Design
105.   Jaakko Pöyry Group:
106.   Jaguar Special Mechanics Oy: Special Mechanics
107.   Japan Moottorituonti Oy:
108.   John Nurminen Group: John Nurminen
109.   Kalevala Koru: Kalevala Koru | Front page
110.   Karhu:
111.   Karl Fazer:
112.   Karttakeskus Oy: - Pohjoismaiden suurin Business Intelligence -ratkaisutalo
113.   Kemijoki:
114.   Kemira: Kemira
115.   Kojair Tech Oy: Kojair Biosafety Cabinet - Kojair Tech Oy
116.   Kola Fishing Oy: || Kola Fishing Oy || Empire to lifetime experience ||
117.   Kone: KONE - Elevators, Escalators, Automatic Building Doors, Maintenance and Modernization
118.   Konepankki Used Machinery:
119.   Kuopio Technology Centre Teknia Oy: Laadukkaat palvelut ja toimitilat
120.   Kuusakoski: Kuusakoski Oy
121.   Kvaerner Masa-Yards Inc.:
122.   L & H Finland:
123.   Labsystems:,,116,00.html
124.   Labtam Finland Ltd.: LabF - Windows X Servers, NFS Clients, XServers, SSH Clients
125.   Laitala Furniture Factory: Laitala - tyylihuonekalut
126.   Larox: Peristaltic Pumps - Pinch Valves -Knife gate valve -Industrial Valves - Pump and Valve Supplier - Flow Control Technology - Larox
127.   Leiki:
128.   Lingsoft:
129.   LPG Innovations:
130.   LT Consultants Ltd.:
131.   Majava Sauna Oy: ¦¦¦ MAJAVA SAUNA OY - The world of Finnish saunas ¦¦¦
132.   Malibu Telecom Oy:
133.   Marimekko:
134.   Medimaker:
135.   MEET Factory:
136.   Meridata Finland Ltd: Meridata Finland Ltd - Echo sounder and sub-bottom profiler systems,
software for integrated acquisition and processing of sonar data
137.   Metsä Tissue: Metsä Tissue's website
138.   Metsä-Serla: M-real
139.   Metso Paper: Metso's pulp and paper solutions and services
140.   Mirka:
141.   MobileMode:
142.   More Magic Software:
143.   Multilizer Oy:
144.   Myllykoski Paper: Myllykoski
145.   Nautor: Nautor's Swan - Sailing Boats and Yachts
146.   Nemo Technologies:
147.   NetSeal Technologies:
148.   Nixu Ltd:
149.   Nokia: Nokia - Nokia on the Web
150.   Nordea Bank:

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