Hilarious Joke: Teacher don teach me nonsense

Started by yetadem, Apr 29, 2016, 07:50 AM


Teacher: Ok class; let us show the principal and our guests how much we have learnt so far dis year!
Let's do comparisons ...

So if I say small,

You say small, smaller, smallest

[Students nod]Teacher: Big

Class: "Big, Bigger, Biggest."

Teacher: "clean."

Class: "clean, cleaner, cleanest.

Teacher: "tall."

Class: "tall, taller, tallest.

Teacher [smiles]:"very good!!!

Class: "very good, very goodder, very goodest.

Teacher: "oh gosh."

Class: oh gosh, oh gosher, oh goshest!!!

Teacher: "stop it now"

Class: "stop it now, stop it nower, stop it nowest!!!

Teacher: "oh please."

Class:"oh please, oh pleaser, oh please-st..

Teacher: "Look at me..!!!

Class: "look at me, look at me-er, look at me-est.

Teacher: "what a disgrace!

Class: "what a disgrace, what a disgracer, what a disgrace-st.

Teacher [furious]: I don die...

Class: I don die, I don dier, I don diest!!!