KPMG Summer Scholars Program, USA

Started by MyWorld, Nov 29, 2009, 11:10 PM


The Institute for Responsible Citizenship is accepting applications for the KPMG Summer Scholars Program in New York City. Similar to our Washington Program, the KPMG Summer Scholars Program provides high-achieving African American male college sophomores with unparalleled networking opportunities, life-long mentorship, and leadership development.

The KPMG Scholars Program was established in 2007 in conjunction with KPMG, one of the world's foremost accounting firms. This program aims to provide African American male college sophomores majoring in Accounting with an introduction to tax, audit, and advisory services. Students also receive one-one-one mentoring from senior executives and their staff.

Program Highlights
    * $21 per hour
    * Mentorship from senior-level KPMG partners
    * Exposure to client engagements
    * Laptop for the duration of the program
    * Real-world experience in tax, audit, and advisory services
    * Strong bonds with other high achieving African American males

Program Details
    * The program runs from June 5 to July 31, 2010
    * Students must commit to two summers
    * Housing is provided by the Institute
    * Students must be Accounting or Management Information Systems majors

You should be a college sophomore to apply. The Institute does not have a GPA requirement. However, the median GPA for recent classes is 3.65. GPA is not the only criterion that is evaluated during the admissions process. Campus involvement, awards earned, athletics, and volunteer work are also important factors.

The application deadline for the KPMG Summer Scholars program is Friday, January 29 , 2010.

The application can be found here.