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Title: Human Right Claim! Myth or Reality?
Post by: The InfoStrides on Mar 21, 2012, 02:40 PM
One of our freelance writers, Abdul AOH shared this thought with us. Let us read and post our opinion about the concern. Is human right a myth of reality?

The first page of the Universal Human Right Declaration by the United Nation states that: We are born free and equal in dignity and right, this means that we all possess certain rights that can not be denied. Every person is entitled to these rights purely because they are human and they can not be forfeited. This entails that they cannot be taken away, hence human right.

But the Tanzanian constitutional lawyer Issa Savinjji believes that human right are fought for, they are not part of you until you fight for them and acquire it.

How can a right said to be yours since you need to fight to acquire it?