Three best channels of seeking relevant Information

Started by harrisonboge, Jun 06, 2013, 08:19 PM


The importance of information cannot be overemphasized. Whether as students or as individuals, information is as important to us just as fuel is to a car. In any endeavor, looking for the relevant information is what is really important not just any information out there. The difference between the educated and the uneducated, the informed and the uninformed is simply INFORMATION. Below are some channels where we can seek relevant information:

The Internet: As the world is getting global and digital, seeking the right information has become much easier unlike the traditional methods of acquiring knowledge or information. With the help of the internet, one can acquire any kind of information one desires with few clicks of buttons. This is commonly achieved through the use of the search engines like Google, Yahoo, and others. It is simply done by inputting any keyword or phrases (e.g. Jobs in Nigeria) of interest into the search box of any of the above search engines and it will then display all the relevant resources that will be of great importance to you.

Traditional Media: The traditional media is another good source of getting whatever information that one desires. This could be from the local news papers, television or radio. For example, if you are interested in any news in your city or community, the news papers, radio or the television maybe the right medium to use. Although most traditional mediums can now be easily accessed online via the internet but the point that I am trying to clarify here is that one can still get some relevant information on any subject from the local or traditional news papers, television or radio.

Social Networking: One can also get relevant information from friends, classmates, loved ones, or other new contacts as well. There could be a relevant information that you may be interested in but do not know how to go about it, you may get such information by asking some persons that you know maybe able to guide you with such information or resources. For example, if you are looking for a job or want to start a new business, you can get such information from your friends who have already found the kind of job that you may be interested in or get help from people who have already succeeded in the business that you may be interested in.

There could still be other ways that you can seek information of interest if you look closely around you. So this is not limited to the three most common channels of information that I have explained above. In my opinion, what is most important is one's interest in seeking relevant information in any field of interest.


I think the internet is the way people get information nowadays. No oe watches TV for info anymore. Movies all thru

Nifemi Donald

Very few things are valuable than INFORMATION in this world we are in.

Glory Skales Charity

This is very correct. It's like u took this words directly out of my mouth.
I totally agree


I like your example:information is as important as fuel to a car.