What is Ogun Standard?

Started by The InfoStrides, Jun 13, 2013, 07:52 AM

The InfoStrides

One of the new introduction to Political lexicon in Ogun state is "Ogun Standard" often used by Governor Amosun's apologists to refer to his new concept of road development.

While not under rating the impressive concept of the administration's penchant for construction of six lane roads and bridges to add to the aesthetic value of the state ,it is somehow embarrassing and unschorlally to refer to such projects as Ogun standard.

The ogun standard known to us and all over the globe is that it is the home State of most Nigerian foremost heroes with unprecedented records of high profile political activism.

Ogun Standard is about our exploits in public and private sector through its star parade of human resources in our nation's hall of fame and national development

Ogun Standard is about its leading roles in Education, development of Arts and culture and its peaceful, social and business environment . We can continue to mention names of individuals who had brought us those national fame and international recognition most of who were never political actors.

However, it must be mentioned that all the past Governors had contributed in one way or the other to its greatness and had through their individual achievements outside politics brought due attention to the State.

Bisi onabanjo was a veteran journalist whose Ayekooto column was a household name in the 70s and 80s. The akinrogun's high social profile plus his MD's tenure in Daily times made him well known nation wide before his coming to government while OGD's ownership of kresta laurel told us the Story of a successful multinational businessman before coming to power.

One can see therefore that ogun standard is not about any project design but about our people and our historical antecedents in nation building including the quality of its political leadership " first among equals" .

Dapo Oke via Facebook


Road development is key in the state but maybe he just has to focus on electricity development for now

Nifemi Donald

The standard need to be higher than that because things have to be done the right way.

Glory Skales Charity

The state still needs lots of development for us to agree that the government is working. Some arears are still like villages

Shola Sholaz

Standards are always set but do we always have them in mind? i fear no

Shola Sholaz