I was not a CPC member but a Spokesperson to Buhari says Yinka Odumakin

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Yinka Odumakin
Yinka Odumakin needs no introduction in Nigeria because he was one of those that joined political forces with Late Chief Gani Fawehinmi in 1994 to fight against political corruption among top political leaders through the formation of the National Conscience Party (NCP) to enlighten Nigerians on the dividends of democracy. In 2011 general elections, he was appointed as spokesperson to Alhaji Muhammed Buhari, the Presidential candidate of the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC). He was one of those prominent political activists that led the protest on the purported federal government oil subsidy removal in January 2012 by President Goodluck Jonathan in Lagos. He also led a political protest to the National Assembly through the Save Nigeria Group (SNG) over the inability for the then 6th National Assembly to swear-in the then Vice- President Goodluck Jonathan when the Late President Musa Yar'Adua was seriously incapacitated. He is the spokesperson to Save Nigeria Group (SNG). He is not just a political activist but a media professional and the Managing Director of Petals Media and Kaphine Nigeria limited and member of Afenifere group. His wife, Dr Joe Odumakin is one of the highly respected human right activists in Nigeria. In this comprehensive interview with Godday Odidi, he explained vividly why he became Buhari's spokesperson in 2011 general elections and other relevant issues plaguing the country.


Can we meet you sir?

I am Yinka Odumakin and the Managing Director of Kaphine Nigeria limited and Petals Media. I am a political activist to the core and from Yoruba extraction. I am also the spokesperson to Save Nigeria Group (SNG) and other political groups in Nigeria.

Why did you support Alhaji Muhammed Buhari for 2011 general elections?

I discovered that Alhaji Muhammed Buhari possessed great credentials that could make him a great president of Nigeria in 2011. I was his personal spokesperson not CPC member. As a former experienced and retired Military Head of State, he stood a great chance of making Nigerians fulfilling their dreams if elected as a president of this country. Though I am no longer his spokesperson but all ended in 2011 general elections. I have been in political activism for three decades as political activist not as a human right activist or social commentator. I knew if Buhari would have won the 2011 presidential elections, some people would have fled out of the country for being probed or prosecuted. He had what he takes to emerge as the president of Nigeria.

How do you examine the present state of security in Nigeria?

The state of security in Nigeria is appalling despite that the large chunk of the annual budget on security vote, yet kidnappings, assassinations, armed robbery and Boko Haram imbroglio are at geometrical progression. Nigerians are yet to be secured.

What is your relationship between Pastor Tunde Bakare and Save Nigeria Group (SNG)?

Pastor Tunde Bakare is the convener of Save Nigeria Group while I am the spokesperson and nothing more.

Can you say that the January 2012 protest against the federal government oil subsidy removal yield any positive result?

Yes of course, there is a great significant development in Nigeria. What Save Nigeria Group stood for at that organized protest was that removed corruption not subsidy. The high rate of corruption in the oil sector was alarming that was why we took the pains to expose Nigerian oil cabals. In fact Labour Union agreed on #97per litre but we Save Nigeria Group stood for #65 per litre.Three achievements of the oil subsidy protest was that the government has not contemplated on other fuel hike and we also opened the eyes of Nigerians on oil subsidy cabals and thieves, after that, Farouk Lawan committee was set up to expose oil cabals and Ribadu committee also exposed oil shoddy deals of oil cabals while there are still comical trials on the oil subsidy till today. We were able to give total awareness to Nigerians over oil subsidy cabals.

Are you a member of Afenifere group?

Well, I am a member of Afenifere group in Nigeria, though we had some crises because some highly placed persons in the South- West region wanted to use the platform to play politics which I discovered early and I told them. But we have resolved it now.

Lastly, what is your stake towards 2015?

Nigerians must take there destinies into their hands. There is no difference between PDP and APC. In fact Chief Tom Ikimi wants to head APC while Chief Anthony Anenieh wants to head PDP at all cost, Nigeria would gate crash if not prevented by Nigerians themselves. These were the people that brought the failure of June 12 election of Late Chief M.K.O Abiola.

Interview by Godday Odidi