On Demand Services Taking Over all the Industries

Started by william424, Jun 27, 2018, 11:33 AM


In today's world, where the on-demand industry is spreading like wildfire, a very prominent and valid question has presented itself: Is there an on-demand startup for everything? Well, I honestly wouldn't be surprised if there was. So, in this article, we're going to give a lot of the most popular on-demand services a look and try to figure out exactly how many on-demand services have startups made for them.
The on-demand industry skyrocketed after the advent of Uber and ever since then a lot of startups are adopting that business model, and now these services providers are being dubbed as 'Uber for X.'
So, let's begin and highlight some of the most popular On-Demand Services:

On-demand ground transportation:
The service that started it all, on-demand ground transportation service is arguably the most popular of them all, seeing as how the service that started the entire craze for on-demand services in the first place, Uber, caters to this category. There is a tonne of other players in this category, just like there are in different categories, such as Lyft and Ola.

On-demand rental services:
As the name suggests, On-demand rental services allow customers to rent just about anything that's on offer, from cars to even houses. The front-runner in this category is  Airbnb, and if you're a North American and have not heard of Airbnb, then chances are you are living under a rock. Airbnb, specifically, is famous for allowing people to rent out their homes to others for vacations, etc.

On-demand Food Delivery:
Aside from transportation service, food delivery services are perhaps the most popular on-demand service, if not just as popular as transport services. DoorDash and FoodPanda are some well-known names that provide on-demand food delivery.

On-demand Grocery Delivery:
Most on-demand services, at their core, are delivery services; so, why should groceries be left behind? Startups like InstaCart are leading the grocery delivery market.

Other on-demand services:
Personal Care (GlamApp), Massage Therapy Service (Zeel), Pharmacy Service (PillPack), and many many more.

Startup for every On-demand Service:
So, after looking at all the currently existing favorite on-demand startups, it's time to answer the question: Is there an on-demand startup for everything. As I said earlier, I wouldn't be surprised if there was, but honestly, I doubt just about everything has a startup at this point. In truth, it's all about imagination. I imagined all the things that could require on-demand services, and I realized, during my research for this article, that startups for such services already exist, but perhaps my imagination is limited. Maybe someone else came up with something that I could've never even thought of existing.
Whether or not there is a startup for every conceivable on-demand service, certain companies are around whose sole purpose is to facilitate those who want to make a startup for on-demand services whether the services are new or already existing, by providing them with the system (apps, admin panels, etc.) they need to bring their service into the on-demand industry. These companies are called white label companies, and for every on-demand service that exists, there is a white label company around to make systems for it such as Cab Startup https://cabstartup.com/ for transportation services or Elluminati for food delivery services.
Many considered 2016 to be the peak of the on-demand mountain. In 2015, investors pumped 17.8 billion dollars into on-demand startups, but ever since then, the rate of investment is decreasing. Keeping all this in mind, maybe we will see a future where there is an on-demand startup for everything or maybe we won't. But, for now, my final is no. There is not an on-demand startup everything.