Wandering People, Wandering Nation, Wandering Goverment

Started by Lekan Smart, Oct 30, 2011, 09:43 AM

Lekan Smart

Recent news from Nigeria points that many Nigerians are being arrested by the Nigerian police for wandering. Recently a team of ACN supporters were also arrested en route Abuja for wandering.

This wandering epidemic gave me an insight to write this short article. I asked myself who is a wanderer? According to Wikipedia. A wanderer is a person who moves from place to place without an intention or home.

Come to think of it, someone without a job, without homes and even when there is home. It is hot and dark inside. What do you expect such person to do? Go out aimlessly-wander around. That is exactly what the Nigerian government has turned Nigerians to "Wanderers" in their fatherland.

Again, I thought about it. A government without clear direction,inconsistent economic policies, vision less government can also be described as a wandering government. In fact the Nigerian government is the mother of wanderers. A police who does not know his duties will wander around arresting wanderers. An unemployed graduate will wander around or wander abroad on even a 24hours visit visa.

The Nigerian police should stop arresting people for wandering, because Nigerians are all wanderers.

Lekan Smart Oladepo is a freelance writer and a regular columnist with ngmix.net and TheInfoStride.com.


What does the Nigeria government expect a job-less person or graduate to do?